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No matter your style, Taigan has the perfect jacket for any wardrobe or occasion. A night on the town or a walk through the country? We’ve got you covered.

Yeohlee’s Fold Jacket looks great over a simple black sheath for a luncheon or with jeans and your new booties for a night out.

The Noemi is an ultra soft, tumbled collarless bomber in deep brown lambskin. We love the aerodynamic fit and hand stitched details. Relax and enjoy the flight.

Anatomie’s Quilted Fia Bubble Jacket is perfect for a frequent flyer. The quilter material keeps you warm, but is incredibly easy to pack.

Few things are as timeless as a Barbour. If you have any plans to visit a pumpkin patch or go shooting with friends then this is a mandatory purchase.

Aptly named The Rocker, this jacket is ideal for the modern woman who exudes uptown polish with downtown edge. Crafted from soft Rex Rabbit and Tibetan Lamb inserts, The Rocker epitomizes bohemian, sophisticated style.

STYLE ICON: Mario López-Cordero

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Veranda’s Mario López-Cordero is headed home for the holidays. Read about his picks for an unconventional Thanksgiving tabletop.  Enjoy!

“This Thanksgiving my brother, sisters, and I will all make it home to Arizona for the first time in years. We love to entertain and can debate menu and décor options for weeks in advance—on different occasions we’ve done an Indian extravaganza with chicken tikka for sixty; a whole roast pig; gallons of watermelon margaritas. The conversation for turkey day is already heated, but my vote is for a Mexican take on the holiday—a truly authentic mole poblano, the famous chocolate-laced specialty, is actually supposed to be made with turkey. Wherever we end up, I’ll want the table to look fresh and unexpected, with lots of color and texture to celebrate the feast in a whole new way”.


My mother’s house is rustic but pretty modern, with lots of exposed brick, steel, stone, and wood. The great room, where the dining area is, has floor-to-ceiling windows and is flooded with light. The Orbix water jug, in a flinty shade of topaz, is gonna glitter like a gem on the table.


This tablecloth is so evocative—an ideal backdrop for a fresh take on traditional. I can picture it already: my mother’s plain white china and thick stemmed wine glasses with roughhewn flatware and copper water glasses. One of her pewter bowls filled with oranges and laurel leaves will make a perfect centerpiece.

You can never have too many linen napkins. In an unbleached, natural shade these are simple and stylish:

Can you say saltcellars?

We’re a family of cooks (and one bona fide chef: my little sister, Melissa, works the kitchen at the critically-acclaimed Bestia in LA). Everyone will appreciate this antique copper baking dish, whether it’s filled with mole or mashed potatoes.

A ginormous—and gorgeous—tray for what will have to be a ginormous turkey.

You can never have too many serving options and the swirling wood grain of this bowl is subtle but very beautiful:

We usually decorate with branches cut from my mother’s garden—the steely green hues of oleander leaves and pods will look so chic in this Shanxi-era vessel.

The molcajete is time-honored vessel for making and serving guacamole (among other things). I’ll pull out this contemporary reinterpretation when extended family and friends pop by to visit. (In our family, we call gucamole Mexican butter.)

I can’t resist this nutcracker—it and my hometown, Nogales, are named for the Spanish word for walnut.

No mater what the theme, I’ll need to bake a bourbon pecan pie to get my annual fix. Schermer pecans will make it truly scrumptious. I’ll sprinkle the pie with just a little sea salt to add crunch and flavor.


Mario López-Cordero is a journalist who has spent 15 years writing about design, travel, fashion, and culture. He is the senior editor of Veranda and previously held staff positions at Elle Decor, Harper’s Bazaar, and House Beautiful. His writing has also appeared in New York, Travel + Leisure, and Martha Stewart Living. He is the author of Monarch Season (Magnus Books), a novel, as well as The Houses of Veranda (Hearst).

Today we’re thrilled to introduce SoGood Picks on Taigan! Each week, our friends at The SoGood will present a new limited edition and often times exclusive item from a new and talented designer.

Over the past year, Laura and Hillary (pictured below), The SoGood founders, have scoured the country to find the most talented and creative artists, designers and entrepreneurs so that they can share their stories and highlight their work. Now, The SoGood and Taigan are launching a series of exclusive & limited edition work created by some of The SoGood’s favorites, offered to you exclusively through Taigan.

So stay tuned each week, we’ll together launch another unique product or work of art, which will be available for purchase that week only or until it sells out!

And today, be sure to check out their SoGood Pick this week! It’s a beautiful limited edition scarf by Kate Design. You may read below for more information about the designer and why The SoGood picked her creation-

Why The SoGood loves Kate Design:

Kate Design is a collaboration between Kittian artist Kate Spencer and entrepreneur Maria Darby of Charleston, SC. We’ve been fans of the brand since its inception and are continually impressed with how Kate Design so beautifully translates artwork to fabric. The duo created a limited edition, short-run scarf for The SoGood & Taigan, showcasing Kate’s Flirting Fish painting on a new Linen-Modal blend fabric, slightly denser in construct and perfect for fall. The Flirting Fish artwork is a departure from the bright colors that typically characterize the brand, and subtle grays, oranges and mustards make this scarf extremely versatile year-round.

Kate Design bio:
Kate Design is a line of art scarves designed by one of the Caribbean’s most prolific and best known artists, Kate Spencer. The collection’s designs, color and feel are firmly rooted in the tropics and display a whimsical charm and harmony. Generous in size and rich in texture, Kate Design art scarves make the perfect accessory and travel companion – stylish, dependable, yet quintessentially exotic.


So after you check out and maybe purchase this week’s great piece, be sure to check back with us next Monday. We’ll be rolling out new pieces each week!

Fired Up for Fall

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Light up the fire pit and grab a cup of hot cocoa because it’s finally getting cool.

Cacao’s Hot Cocoa Mix is perfect for sipping around the fire. It’s milder than the sipping chocolate, making it perfect for the kiddos.

Fire Pit Art’s classic Manta Ray Fire Pit is perfect for friends to gather around on a crisp fall evening.

The Mackinaw Blanket is made of heavyweight wool for a supremely warm experience! This is the blanket of choice for camping, your cabin or other very cold conditions to keep you extremely warm.

Mighty Marshmallows combine the chocolate and the marshmallows all in one bite. Perfect for ghost stories around a camp fire!

The Handsome Dan is an All American Classic. This might be the only football that you’ll ever hear someone calling beautiful!





Pheasant Season

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The pheasant is considered the prized bird in many cultures. With its elegant strut and warm colored feathers it is easy to see why. Shop some of our favorite feathered looks below.

Lizzy Couture’s Pheasant Feather bangle gives a rustic touch to her normal sparkle. We love the juxtaposition of materials in this piece.

Besides looking good at your next social gathering (you always do), wouldn’t you like something to talk about besides the spinach dip and your desk job? Look no further than the ultimate conversation starter, the Phunky Pheasant Bowtie.

Create a gamey atmosphere with these pheasant watercolors, by Lexie Armstrong. They would be perfect in a library or office.

They’ll go flush when they see you knotted up with this sophisticated shooting tie. Here we have grouse, pheasant, and quail: the sporting enthusiast’s upland bird trifecta.

These silver cufflinks are set in 925 sterling silver and feature hand-painted enamel for distinctive detail. A perfect accent for warm-toned suits or skin tones or neutral-color suits with warm accents.


We’re thrilled to introduce The Sugar Monkey on Taigan! 

Chef and owner, Jennifer Reed, focused her full time and attention to The Sugar Monkey after eight years working for Daniel Boulud. As Executive Pastry Chef of Café Boulud Palm Beach, she received numerous accolades for her work. The Sugar Monkey is known for infusing classic French training with Jennifer’s playful midwestern spirit… a combination that is hard to beat. 


Why we chose The Sugar Monkey:

We’ve been dreaming about their cakes since our first bite in 2011. The Sugar Monkey specializes in modern American pastries, custom wedding cakes and special occasion cakes. They use only the finest natural and organic products, fresh fruits, single estate chocolates, and European style butter. Their creations are so good that you’ll want to eat dessert first!