Whether you’re entertaining friends for Labor Day or watching the game, we have the easiest chicken recipe that will be a smash hit!

Simply brush chicken wings with one of Victoria Amory’s delicious ketchups, bake and serve. Or you can try all three and see if your guests can distinguish between smoky barbecue, champagne and sherry. It’s so easy that it’s almost criminal!

Tailgate Tools

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A true fan knows that a successful tailgate season can be dependent on the right gear!

Tunes are obviously a must and this handsome leather-encased audio speaker is inspired by a battery-operated radio from WWI. Lucky for you it hooks up to any compatible stereo Bluetooth device, like a notebook or mobile phone.

Pony up to the tailgate with a fun bottle opener. The generic ones always seem to grow legs and walk away at events, but this one is unique enough to stay put!

If you really want to host a top notch tailgate then have a specialty cocktail. The Bar10der is the ultimate accessory for any drink you can imagine.

No need to brown bag your wine when you can bring it in this attractive wine carrier from Hancock Baskets.

A flask at a tailgate is always a good idea. This Barbour plaid version is a perennial favorite that never goes out of style.

Skip the ants with this batch of individually wrapped Gooey Caramel Butter Bars. Not a “tool” per se, but they are sure to get you a second invite.




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Get more bang for your buck with these highly versatile accessories.

The only thing better than a piece you can wear 2 ways is one you can wear 4 ways! Most of Bounkit‘s earrings have detachable drops that can be mixed and matched, and this pair in particular has two removable parts, creating even more versatility!

The Mami is the bag that has it all, or not a lot… it just depends on your needs! The removable compartments make it easy to travel as light or as heavy as you want.

Karen Hemphill’s Two in One Cufflinks come with two inserts, so you can change your cufflinks on a moment’s notice.

The Freedom pendant looks great empty or filled with one of Goshwara’s beautiful gems. We love any jewelry that lets you match the stone to your mood or outfit.

The versatile Neutro foldover tote is handcrafted with a combination of luxurious Italian Nubuck leather trimmed with Italian lambskin and featuring numerous pockets for carrying all your essentials. It can be worn as a Tote, Fold-Over, or Crossbody.


Preserving Summer

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If the end of summer has you in mourning then you’ll love these tricks for preserving the tastes of food’s greatest season.

This southern delight was developed at the peak of summer when figs and basil were flourishing. This jam is wonderful served as an appetizer on cream cheese or melted on brie, a perfect match for a cranberry orange or raisin bread toasted for breakfast or a topping for Greek yogurt. Mmmmm.

From Arabelle in Mobile, Alabama these bread and butter pickles are a unique blend of cucumbers and spices from an old family recipe. A perfect addition to any barbecue, dinner party or picnic!

Take the DIY approach to savoring the harvest all year round with these inspired recipes for handmade pickles, vinegars, relishes, mustards, bottled fruits and vegetables, spoon fruits, liqueurs and cordials.

For the Jam enthusiast, we recommend Sallie’s Greatest’s Herbal Jam Gift Pack. Each jam Sallie makes is packed with complex flavors that keep you coming back for more.

And after you’ve purchased (or made!) some of our delicious jams then you’ll need something on which to eat them… enter shortcakes. These shortcakes are  made by hand with simple ingredients and just asking for your favorite jam or lemon curd.

Coffee Table Makeover

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If your coffee table is lacking style then you’re not alone. This simple checklist will take you from boring to beautiful in no time.
1. Books.
Coffee tables are the perfect place to stack a few books that reflect something about your personality or interests. Jewelry, Cars, Art… the possibilities are endless, but you should probably skip the lofty art book on Caravaggio unless you are ready to chat about chiaroscuro.
2. Flowers.
Not everyone can keep them alive, so you can always opt for a beautiful silk or porcelain arrangement. Or just fill this handkerchief planter with moss and succulents..  we know first hand that they’re pretty hard to kill!
3. Accessories.
Candles, artifacts and objets d’art are all fabulous options. This wooden puzzle is great because it’s both beautiful and it gives your guest something to fidget with over cocktails.
4. Have fun!
No need to take things too seriously. Here are a few of our favorite coffee table must haves to get you “started.”

Trending Tribal

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Fun patterns, quirky design and unique materials make up this colorful trend for fall.

The primary colors, bold patterns and fringe give this clutch an incredibly tribal feel. We love the playful and quirky vibe.

Most of S. Carter’s store could fit into this category, but these arrowhead necklaces provide the most literal interpretation of the tribal trend.

Res Ipsa’s bags (and shoes!) are made of kilim rugs. Each one is unique and sure to attract some admirers on your next weekend getaway.

These “lula” necklaces are made from organic black seeds and hand-knotted by women artisans in El Salvador. Each one is charmed with a leopard, ouroboros, or skull designed by artist Clay Witt and cast in the USA in solid yellow or white brass.

This springbok messenger makes a statement no matter how it’s carried – everyday or for a special occasion. Handmade in South Africa, each messenger is unique with its own variations and markings.