Old Try launch

We’re thrilled to introduce OLD TRY today!

Old Try was founded by a couple from Alabama and North Carolina who moved to Boston back in 2007. They miss the South, but aren’t quite ready to move back, so they wanted to create something that connected them to their Southern roots. This idea led to handmade letterpress posters, printed on old machines with movable type and wood blocks, just like what would have been used hundreds of years ago.

old try_sc

Their posters are made with hand-mixed inks and 100% cotton paper that is manually rolled through an old Vandercook printing press. Much like other Southerners who have pangs of being away from home, this couple has a similar longing for it that comes out in their posters that are reminiscent of their Southern roots. Here’s to the Old Try!

old try_free republic


Happy Shopping!

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