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EARLY BIRD: Gifts for Him

Shops November 9th, 2015 — by:



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If you’re the type of person that wants to knock a few people off the list then this is a good place to start! main_item_absolution-on-taigan-nice-nosing-you

This adorable book is perfect for the dog lover. main_item_l-e-n-the-best-of-bespoke-belts-on-taigan-genuine-suede-belt-in-navy-blue-with-denim

Take his belt game up a notch with this blue suede custom number from L.E.N. main_item_books-books-on-taigan-make-your-own-brew-at-home

Every guy secretly wants to distill or brew his own spirits. Help make the dream a reality with this Joy of Home Distilling book. 

If the men in your life have an ounce of style then they will love these Res Ipsa loafers.

Some guys just like products. This manly set from Otter Creek won’t totally blow his cover. 

This camo weekend bag is perfect for a spontaneous getaway.


A Guide to New Zealand

Travel November 9th, 2015 — by:

Say the words ‘New Zealand’ and you’ll get one of two responses – either “I’d love to go there one day”, or “It’s the coolest place I’ve ever been!” Having returned a couple of weeks ago myself, I can attest to its cool factor. But there’s also an underlying graceful subtlety to it that’s really hard to assign adjectives to. The people are welcoming, the food & wine are brilliant. The way of life is unassuming. I was telling a friend the other day that New Zealand is kind of like the woman we all aspire to be, she’s elegant without pretention, adventurous, unaffected by trends, classic, real, down to & salt of the earth, she’s all hiking boots mountain by day and stilettos in an old cool Victorian lodge next to a rolling fire by night, she’s mysterious, young at heart but with a soul about her that you know has been around for ages. I’ve been blessed to see some beautiful places, New Zealand is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. Photos don’t do it justice, because it’s the scenery that follows in the photos below rolled with experiences only fathomable in your dreams. It is undeniably one of those life-changing places, the good stuff.


New Zealand is comprised of two islands, with the south more mountainous than the north. Regardless of your interests – culinary, wildlife, geography, culture, art, soft or hardcore adventure – there is something for everyone. And because the country is so varied with its offerings, I recommend spending at least 2 weeks, or longer if you have the time, traveling from the north to the south with stops along the way. Renting a car and driving is a fine way to do it assuming you have allowed yourself ample time, but air travel is the most efficient of anywhere I’ve been in recent memory. Peak season, when weather is at its historic best, is November through April although the shoulder months of October and May often provide best value and fewer tourists, but weather can be unpredictable. Below are some of my personal favorite hotel experiences in the country, each in a different geographic region, to ensure you’re getting a full flavor for the country, along with what you should see & do, and of course my favorite Taigan finds to have you comfortable, functional, and stylish along the way!



From north to south –

Waiheke Island | The Boatshed

Lake Taupo | Huka Lodge

Wellington | Wharekauhau Lodge

Christchurch | Otahuna Lodge

Queenstown | Matakauri Lodge

My Top 5 Must-Do List

Wineries, Waiheke Island

Fly-fishing a remote backcountry stream, Taupo

ATV’ing on Wharekauhau’s black sand beach, Palliser Bay

Hike the Hollyford Track, Fiordland

Milford Sound Helicopter Excursion with Glacier Landing, Queenstown

When it comes to dressing for New Zealand, functional stylish boots & layers are key. Sunglasses and a hat to protect from the sun are a must. Go minimal on the jewelry, from tip to tip it’s a casual place. You’ll notice a bevy of black here – the nationally adored rugby team are the All Blacks – you’ll fit right in!

replace collage



Saddled up Hat by Lola Hats | $285


Large Hoof Pick Belt by Wiley Brothers Belts | $190


Black Banded Marfa Agate Ring in Gold by Agate Ranch + Marfa | $250


The Maggie Duster by Shosh New York | $400


Daniella Elastic Cuff Designer Travel Pants in black by Anatomie | $112.50


Custom Tortoiseshell Sunglasses by Indivijual Custom Eyewear | $1595


Cayden Jacket in black by Anatomie | $162.50


Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner by Woo Skincare & Cosmetics | $28


Alina Leather Jacket by Peter Nappi | $1995


Calvina Womens Bootie in Salvia by Peter Nappi | $425


Medium Claws Ring by Natalie Frigo | $115


The Black Cotton Bobby Duffel by Fairchild Baldwin | $950

Happy Travels!




Lila Fox is the owner of New Orleans-based Constant Tourist Travel, a travel consultancy catering to the discerning traveler worldwide. When you book a stay through Lila at any of the properties mentioned above, you will receive complimentary breakfast along with hotel-specific amenities such as spa and / or dining credits, preferential access to room upgrades, early check in, late check out, and complimentary transfers. For more information about planning your trip to New Zealand contact Lila at


Shops October 19th, 2015 — by:

Get in the spirit of Halloween with these spooky sweets.

This house may be haunted, but it sure is tasty!

Boooo! This ghostly confection is made up of handpainted white and dark chocolate.

These Voodoo Macarons come in two flavors, Sazerac and Absinthe.


This white chocolate skull is eerily realistic. It also comes in dark chocolate.

For the firm believers that Halloween goes hand-in-hand with candy corn, Cacao has pressed candy corn pieces into the back of their epiphany bar.

Japaneño Bacon Bites

Food & Drink October 19th, 2015 — by:

This Victoria Amory hors d’oeuvre is a great way to spice up your next party!

Japaneño & Bacon Bites

12 whole jalapeno peppers

1 cup goat cheese, room temperature

12 rashers bacon, cooked 1/2 way (not crispy)

Green Chili Piri Piri to serve


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Cut the jalapenos in half lenghtwise and remove the seeds. Fill each cavity with goat cheese and wrap with 1/2 bacon rasher. Close with a toothpick. Place on a baking sheet and cook until the bacon is cooked through and crispy. Transfer to a decorative platter and serve with green piri piri. Makes 24 bites.


Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream Pie

Food & Drink October 5th, 2015 — by:

This pie is all of our favorite things in one simple recipe. Enjoy!

Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream Pie

Start with a pie crust…. This can be store bought or homemade depending on how ambitious you’re feeling. We love a graham cracker crust for additional flavor. Layer in Bourbon Pecan Gelato. Mix Chocolate chips, heath bar crumbles and pecans for the topping and then spread them on top of the gelato. Drizzle with caramel and voila!