Everyone loves to find the best holiday gifts for their loved ones… especially at a great price! – a Nashville based lifestyle publication (with impeccable taste) recently featured several of our great artisans in a story about the top 50 gifts of 2013 that are all under $50 and Southern foodie gifts. What could be better? So if you’re looking for some last minute gift solutions – see below for all their ideas with their comments on each:


“Nye’s Cream Sandwiches is located in Wilmington, NC, and was a Martha Stewart American Made Audience Choice Award nominee. We’ve sampled these and they are DIVINE. Order the following sample pack from Taigan: Pumpkin Cranberry Spice, Apple Pie and Caramel Latte and Blackberry Cobbler”



“For those who understand that a “Yes, Ma’am” and “No, Sir” are words we hand down from generation to generation, this poster is perfect. Warning: Mother-In-Laws: DO NOT SEND TO YOUR DAUGHTER IN LAW. (She will talk about you for decades if you do.) But, otherwise, this is a fun gift for a sibling, especially one who has left the South and misses it!”



“We first found out about Schermer Pecans through The Southern C Summit. The gals that run this know their Southern food and they oohed and aahed over this product, with good reason. Have your gift be likewise received! $44 for a set of three.”


grey salt

“The grey color indicates a high content of minerals and nutrients (not found in the iodized salt we all grew up with). This salt is collected using wooden rakes, ensuring that no metal ever touches it. At just $12, this salt makes a great gift.”


nugget hoops

“These earrings are a great take on the traditional hoop. Seriously, we all are kinda hoping they end up in our own stockings. Teeny-tiny metallic beads are threaded onto the fine hoops, creating these light earrings that you, or your gift recipient, will reach for time and time again. Designer: FriedaSophie”


fudge 2

“Made in small batches in Montogomery, Texas, this fudge is loaded with goodness: ‘there’s more crunchy, nutty, coconutty per square inch than a Texas mile. That’s OUR fudge factor – where small isn’t really small at all. One taste and you’ll know, we’re not messin’ around.’ Intrigued? Us, too.”


cream cheese

“Made in Thomasville, GA, by Sweet Grass Dairy, this cheese has converts to GA cheese throughout more than the Southern region; the accolades pour in from all over. Send some of this cheese to your own cheese monger and then send some to yourself as well.”


ham biscuits

“We thought the price was too high until we broke down and bought some. Damn, these are good. I mean, slap your mama, open the front door and scream, bang on a pot GOOD.”


So in our opinion, you really can’t go wrong with any of these gift ideas!! Happy shopping!

brian barry- fetch layout

As the holiday season gets underway we’re sure your invites are piling up! We tasked Brian Barry of Nashville Lifestyles to come up with the best hostess gifts so that you never have to show up empty handed again. Read about his picks and stock up before it’s too late!


Holiday Recipe Card Gift Set – Years ago my Grandmother gave me her cookbook and I cherish it. Give your loved ones some of your favorite recipes in style.


Moisturizer- This time of year, you cannot stay hydrated enough, and everyone will love the lavender set.


Cookie Crunch Fudge- I might have eaten this whole tin… sorry, you’ll get it next year.


Dark Chocolate Pecans- These are amazing, who doesn’t love dark chocolate? Good with coffee or wine!


Dark Chocolate Toffee- This is perfect for the office party or a neighbor’s Christmas bash– goes with everything.


Desktop Calendar- So we are all addicted to our smartphones, giving someone a nice calendar is a thoughtful, unique gift. Write in your pre-booked cocktail hours!


Christmas Tree Die Cut Place Cards- You might want to keep these for your own party!


Owl Cocktail Napkins-  I love when people give me cocktail napkins, you can never have too many and they’ll think of you at the next party. You’re sure to make the guest list.


Turkish Cotton Guest Towels-  Put these in a gift bag and you have the perfect hostess OR housewarming gift.


Chocolate Chip Cookies in Chalkboard Box-  The cookies are great, but the tin is better. Give it to the kids’ teachers or have them write something special for the grandparents.


Holiday Linen Guest Towel- I love how elegant and simple these are.


Peppermint Stick Drinking Chocolate- Who doesn’t love a DIY project like this?


Custom Ice Cream Sandwiches- OK, these are the Good for any number of occasions! I would stock up for party favors, too.


Julia Reed’s But Mama Always Put Vodka in Her Sangria- Who doesn’t love a good book?  And, who doesn’t love Julia Reed?



DIY Cheese Kit- Get this for the foodie!


Table Pitcher-  This is what you get someone who has everything, it’s art and it is functional.


Bruschetta Lovers Gift Set- Another great foodie option, check out Taigan’s selection to get just the right thing.

main_item_lettered-olive-on-taigan-everyday-surcie-tags - Copy

Letterpress Surcie Tags- Again, it’s so hard to shop for someone who has everything, this is that perfect elusive find!! And, it is a practical gift, get two – one for yourself.

To see all of Brian’s picks CLICK HERE.

Gifts for Dad- Round 2!

Gifts June 4th, 2013 — by:

fathers day2


Shopping for dad can be the ultimate struggle, which is why we’re bringing you round 2 of our Father’s Day featured items!

Pictured above, top row, from left:


Help dad tee off in style with these golf balls and tees on his shirt cuffs. They are ideal for the golf lover who wants to be reminded of the peace and quiet of the golf course even when he’s trapped in his day time suit far away from the greens.


Go green and look cool with this is a one-of-a-kind, handmade, solid oak longboard. This board is designed for daily cruising and commuting and is perfect for the hip pop! 


These plastered cocktail napkins are perfect for the father with a sense of humor or an appreciation of history. At $32 for a set of 4 they are pretty easy on the wallet too!

Second row, from left:




They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so look no further than the Notti Daddy Tower. With toffee, sugar cookies and cheese bits there is something for all occasions!



This book is truly a whopper, not in the sense of an unbelievable fish story, but in its size (it weighs in at nearly four pounds). We think it’s an ideal gift for the sportsman who is always after that great catch!



These sunglasses don’t just block out the sun they focus the gaze of any spectator. If your dad appreciates the finer things in life then he’ll love the craftsmanship of these shades, especially the lenses made by Zeiss.

For more gift ideas see last week’s picks for daddy-o!



Gifts May 28th, 2013 — by:

daddy o


Our Father’s Day Gift Guide has neat stuff for all Dads: the highbrow, the hipster and everyone in between!

Pictured above, top row, from left:

main_item_la-matera-on-taigan-trucha-wallet.jpgLa Matera’s Trucha Wallet is handcrafted in Italy with tanned Calfskin leather and then combined with a handsome Argentine woven fabric. This wallet is the perfect combination of refined Italian style and rugged South American charm. Dad will love it.


This cobalt blue needlepoint cap from Harding Lane is perfect for the preppy pop. The sail cloth material is topped with a hand stitched seagull and finished with a brass clasp.


For the traditional dad we recommend this striped tie from Bird Dog Bay. The conservative pattern is perfect for the dad that hasn’t hopped on the whimsical print bandwagon quite yet.


Everyone loves Fritz Orr’s paddles. He’s been recognized by everyone from Town & Country to Vogue as being the ultimate craftsman.  In addition to being the coolest paddles around they are also works of art and would look great on a wall in dad’s office.

Second row, from left:

main_item_heritage-handcrafted-on-taigan-celebration-box.jpgThe “Celebration Box” from Heritage Handcrafted is made from old whiskey staves. Boasting space for glasses, dad’s favorite liquor and a humidor, this box is the perfect vessel for all of his beloved vices. Fill it up with his favorite bourbon and few cigars for a gift he’ll never forget!


Jack Spade’s Messenger Bag is great for a more casual work environment. We love the waxed linen with leather accents and the durable shape.


This Nickel Morning After Gel is perfect for the new dad. Up all night with a baby and still need to look fresh? Not a problem with this rescue gel! This miracle potion shocks your skin back to life with the help of caffeine and menthol-enriched coffee complex reactivates–everything you need to save face.


We believe that all dads should carry a handkerchief… You never know when a little one will have a runny nose of when mom’s eyes need dabbing. These sets of three by Izola makes that theory a bit more fun with playful patterns and sayings.


Gifts for the Grad

Gifts May 14th, 2013 — by:

graduation- layout


It’s graduation season, which means it’s time to go shopping for the high school and college grads in your life. We recommend that you take a cue from our editors and give something unique this year!

Pictured Above, top row, from left:


What says I’m thinking about you like 365 thoughtful quotes for each day of the year? These “Gathered Truths” are perfect for a friend or the one you love to let them know how much your care all year round.


Every college student needs a great tote. This one is the perfect size for books, and a laptop, and will be your grad’s new go-to accessory in no time.


These “Slow and Steady” cocktail napkins are a great reminder to the recent graduate that moderation is the key to all things in the post school world!


We think the title to this Storm Jameson novel says it all… “Farewell to Youth” and hello to the real world!

Second row, from left:





Make sure your graduate is ready for those college formals– or post graduation celebrations– with this sharp bow tie and cummerbund set.


Let this print from Old Try serve as a friendly reminder to remember your manners… We think it makes great dorm room decor!



These beautiful notepads would certainly make note taking a more enjoyable task, making them both practical and fun!


This Presentation Box from Heritage Handcrafted is made from whiskey staves and can be personalized with initials or a date. It’s a great way to remember a special day and perfect the perfect vessel for keepsakes, or a special bottle of whiskey!