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Two years ago I discovered Parasol and it totally changed my summer!  I have always stayed out of the sun.  Which means that doing things outside becomes very limited and can be, well, a little boring at times. A friend of mine used to say frequently  “no sun, no fun” I think as a reminder of how un fun I was to be with during the warmer months. A day at the beach was usually a short day, quick swims and elaborate cover up for beach walks and just hanging out. I used lots of sunblock, a hat, and an umbrella but  never really felt I had enough protection. Two friends of mine started Parasol and I bought one of their cute blue and white stripe shirts, at first just to be supportive. My sister also bought a few things as she was chasing after her 2 year old son all day long.  He had discovered the beach and the water that summer and could not be pulled away.


My nephew in his Parasol swim shirt


My sister in her Parasol swim shirt


I loved the way it looked on my sister and thought how fantastic, fashion and function.  That same summer was to be my “try paddle boarding” summer. How to avoid being burnt to a crisp? I had no idea how to protect myself from both sun AND reflection, a double whammy. Deciding to try it anyway, I brought my Parasol shirt along on my first voyage out at sea, to cover up and try it out. It was such a success that I ended up wearing it all summer. Suddenly I could be active with just a simple shirt and wore it on bike rides, walks and long swims. Never burning or feeling over sunned I could do things as long as I liked, things I was never really able to do before. It was a a whole new world for me and a very fun summer. That September I became a partner and creative director for the brand. I still wear my shirts (and hat and umbrella and sunblock) every day and love how easy it is to be safe in the sun.  My sister and her son wear theirs every day as well…we added boys shirts for my partner’s children and my nephew!

So while you prepare for the warm summer days coming up, be sure to try out Parasol!

Until next time, have a great week,

Fernanda Niven

The New “DNA”

Health & Beauty February 3rd, 2014 — by:


I am a lucky gal as lots of products come my way at Maxwell Aesthetics. I always try things on myself, that way I can see if it works or it doesn’t work. And it gives people reassurance. Right now I am obsessed with Dr. Brandt’s DNA Transforming Pearl Serum. Already a MORE Magazine Best of Beauty Winner and Madonna’s new Favorite anti-aging secret, this universal anti-aging serum is formulated with Dr. Brandt’s exclusive Juvenessence®+ Complex encapsulated in patented DuoPearl™ Technology, the result of 5 years of research and 6 patents. My pores look tighter and I love how my skin feels. Leave it to the good Dr. to crack the code of aging with Do Not Age (love the name). This surely will extend the time between your cosmetology visits and is the perfect compliment to Ulthera and Botox. Pearls are a girls best friend!

Stephanie Maxwell is owner of Maxwell Aesthetics and writes frequently about topics related to beauty and skin.

It’s cold outside and we all know that cold weather often means dry, chapped skin. Here at Maxwell Aesthetics, this is also a very popular time of year for our patients to do chemical peels. Between the winter weather and these types of treatments, our patients’ skin needs options to restore its’ health. Fortunately, Tammy Fender’s holistic skincare line has several great products designed to nourish dry and damaged skin.  Here are some of our favorite options:


Spontaneous Recovery Crème

This unique product is a crème, serum and oil all in one! It seals in hydration and moisture and provides protection from the elements. This is product can be used by all skin types and is especially beneficial for damaged or injured skin, from harsh winter weather or after treatments such as chemical peels or lasers. Apply to face and neck morning and night, or as needed.



Intensive Repair Balm

This powerful balm is designed to heal damaged skin. This product works in a multitude of ways. It will increase circulation to quicken healing time and provide intense hydration. Additionally, it will stimulate new cells to increase elasticity and tighten the skin. Apply to face and neck and allow to absorb, this may be used morning and night or as needed.

tammy fender 1



Antioxidant Crème

Packed full of vitamins and nutrients, this crème is loaded with antioxidants and stimulates collagen production. It will improve the skin’s elasticity while calming and hydrating as well. The plant butters in this crème not only moisturize, but also naturally filter UV light. Apply to face and neck and allow to absorb, this may be used morning and night or as needed.

tamy fender 2


Shop for these products at the Maxwell Aesthetics Taigan store, and to schedule a chemical peel at our office, contact us at 615-932-7700.  If you have any skincare questions, be sure to comment below and I will give you all the advice you’d like.

Oh! And in case you missed it – be sure to see Nashville Lifestyles Magazine’s Winter Beauty Picks from Taigan. Each of their favorite, winter-weather skincare products are sure to warm up your routine this wintry season!


Happy shopping!

Tracy Jensen

Nurse Practitioner, Maxwell Aesthetics


napa valley logo

We’re thrilled to introduce NAPA VALLEY BATH CO. on Taigan! 


The inspiration for Napa Valley Bath Co. began many years ago when Peggy O’Kelly stumbled into a tiny lavender shop in the South of France. She vividly recalls its simplicity and purity, and the scents that transported her into the lavender fields nearby. She left knowing that she would someday create a line of bath and body products that would provide the same sense of connection she felt in that store.


Why we chose Napa Valley Bath Co.:


Napa Valley Bath Co. is very vigilant about the authenticity and quality of all their ingredients.  They produce in small batches in their St. Helena production facility to ensure the purity of each bath and body product. From lavender sea salt body scrub made with olive oil and organic lavender, to soaps made of organic coconut and spearmint leaves, each Napa Valley Bath Co. product provides a sense of tranquility and connection to the earth that is unparalleled.



Enjoy 10% off your order-enter promo code NAPA at payment through tomorrow! Follow this link to shop for yourself!





Photo via Emerson Fry.

The holiday season means lots of traveling, lots of hanging out with loved ones, and lots of food. That leaves no time for exercise and you likely won’t find kale chips between the ham and cookies at your holiday potluck. We would never suggest you miss out on family time to hit up the gym or ask that you sacrifice yummy carbs and sweets. That just isn’t fun! But we do have a few easy tips to keep you feeling healthy during the holidays.

1. After big meals, take a big walk. Taking a walk after a big meal feels amazing. It aids digestion as well as easing the guilt you feel after that second piece of pie. Get in some extra bonding time with loved ones (and loved pets!) by taking an after dinner stroll.

2. Pedal to presents. If your gift shopping destination can be reasonably biked or walked to, try that instead of driving. If you don’t mind shopping in gym clothes, jog there. Having shopping as an end goal is a great motivator. Choice between elevator and stairs at the mall? Take the climb. The little things add up.

3. Watch what you drink. Alcohol equals dehydration and the calories in alcoholic drinks add up fast. Even if you aren’t taking in the liquid holiday spirits, it’s easy forget about water with all the cider, soda, and eggnog available at parties and get togethers. Drink water: you’re skin and body will appreciate it. And if you are imbibing, you’ll avoid a hangover the next day.

4. Pay attention to your skin. Cold weather dries out skin and traveling by plane can do the same. Water is important (can’t say it enough!) but sometimes you need more. A great moisturizer helps with dry skin on the face and don’t forget chapstick to keep lips mistletoe ready.

5. Avoid excess. Holiday treats are delicious. It’s unreasonable and no fun to avoid sweets and buttery things altogether, but avoiding excess is as simple as storing sugar cookies in a cabinet instead of on the counter. Out of sight, out of mind really works here. Ever not feel full until you stand up? Before going for seconds at dinner, wait a little bit. Your brain might take longer to realize you’re full than your stomach.  Avoid excess and you’ll enjoy all the holidays have to offer while avoiding the guilt that sends people flocking to the gym come January 1st.

And of course, just enjoy yourselves! No health tip will ever beat relaxation and a lack of stress!