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Libbie Summers is the artistic director of her own lifestyle brand, A Food-Inspired Life, where the beauty of food serves as the inspiration for film production, product and event design. Libbie is recognized nationally as a food and lifestyle expert in print, online and on-air including Condé Nast Traveler, Garden and Gun, Southern Living, the OWN Show, People and more. Here Libbie rounds up her favorite white hot finds for summer…

“For most people, when they think about “white” they think about wintertime. For them, it’s a cold color found in snowflakes and ice crystals. White is woolen sweaters, sheepskin rugs and the frilly decoration on a holiday coconut cake. But for me, white is Summertime –breezy linen dresses, white bucks and a boat’s mainsail. White sangria and white sandy beaches.
White doesn’t keep you warm. It makes you cool.”

The Nava Shorts

I love these shorts…part skirt, part boy knicker, all short! Super chic and so comfortable. I’m currently wearing them with a white t-shirt, blue Chuck Taylors and the coolest pink leather bracelet.

The Sutton Top 

This little breezy polka dot top would go with anything! I love that it could be dressed down with a pair of cut-offs or dressed up with a skirt that twirlable.

The Gemma

A rich linen, loose fit and pockets…perfection.

Resin Champagne Bucket

I am over-the-moon about this modern organic ice bucket. Not only do I want to ice down a bottle of rosé, I want to use it at an outdoor party…on the buffet line to hold the napkin rolls of flatware or in the center of a long wooden table filled with a bouquet of cosmos.

Pimp Sunglasses by Selima Optique

Because sometimes you want to be seen, but not be seen.

The Cuban Table

I can’t wait to visit Cuba and taste it’s food first hand, wear a white scarf and drive an old blue motorcycle around the island…daydreams.

Pippi Longstocking Horse and Monkey

Funny, I always wanted a white horse when I was a little girl. Now as an adult I’d like it to have azure blue polka dots.

Jacques + Sienna Lucky Charm Bead Necklace Elephant

Because Summer is about being brave. Swimming deeper, traveling farther, going faster, taking leaps of faith.


Set of 2 Guest Towel Herringbone Stripe

If you can’t have a cabana boy on staff full-time at least you can have towels that make you think you do.

Berti Italian Regional Folding Knife

I always carry a knife in the summertime. Seems like I’m forever cutting a piece of fruit or cheese or a frozen Snickers bar in half.

Leather Collar with Gold Accents

I have a red headed Vizsla named McGuire Jo Summers. She goes by Maggie in our home and “The Bitch” to the world of Instagram. Maggie is very opinionated about things such as proper manners, fashion, food and crafts. She will only sleep on a white monogrammed blanket and insists on a pillow to lay her head. My guess is, if she had thumbs, she would give this collar two up.

Barr Co. Fine Shea Butter Lotion

Nautical Chic

Nothing says summer more than a nautical stripe. Navy and White…old school. I worked in the yachting industry for years, cooking on beautiful wooden sail boats and I can tell you first hand that some of the chicest people in the world travel on the water.

Crew Hat

Because nothing is hotter than a guy who rows crew.

Lemon Sugar Cookie

I am obsessed with Grey Ghost Bakery Cookies, especially the lemon sugar. Just enough lemon to be refreshing and just the right size for an afternoon pick me up. If you looked in any of my Summer hand bags you’ll probably find a 2 pack of Grey Ghost Bakery cookies.


Libbie Summers has authored three books, The Whole Hog Cookbook (Rizzoli, 2011), Sweet & Vicious –baking with attitude (Rizzoli, 2014), and Brown Sugar (Short Stack Editions, November 2014). She resides in Savannah, Georgia with one husband, one son, and one opinionated-dog who is lobbying for her own Instagram account.

Susan Swimmer, Fashion Features Director at More magazine, is one of those names that keeps popping up on our radar. Her valued opinion has been consulted by numerous companies such as American Express, L’Oreal Paris, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans and Ann Taylor. She’s also been known to interview big wigs from just about every industry… Hillary Clinton, Lance Armstrong, Carolina Herrera, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwen Stefani to name a few. In addition to appearing regularly on The Today Show, Swimmer has been seen on Oprah, Good Morning America, and E! We always love Susan’s picks and were thrilled to have her participate in our Style Icon series.

When I was a little girl I spent summer weekends at the beach in Margate, New Jersey, where I built drip castles at the edge of the surf, feasted on red licorice laces and spent evenings on the boardwalk dressed in frocks with coordinating cardigans. Forty years later and not much has changed—I still spend weekends at the Jersey shore, albeit now a bit further north of Margate, in a town called Spring Lake, New Jersey, and I look forward to it as much as I ever did.  I love to swim in the ocean with my kids, sip cocktails on my front porch with friends and, yes, eat red laces by the bagful. My picks include everything you need for your beach weekend—from the perfect tunic and the ideal tote to glamorous bangles and a tropical-hued towel. Enjoy!

El Fleco Crossbody Fringe Bag Silver Leather

This fringe beauty had me at “hello.” I think metallic accessories are neutral wear-with-alls, but never more so than in the summer, when it glints in the sun just so. I love the boho vibe of this bag—it’s a casual departure from all of your structured work bags—and it’s plenty roomy. I’d love it with all-black, I’d love it with all of the summer white shades in your wardrobe, I’d love it with anything denim. Who am I kidding? I’d love it with pajamas. Yes, it’s that good.

The Bella Necklace Sky

I am a lover of accessories, especially jewelry, but somehow in the summer time I try to simplify. This necklace provides all the impact an ensemble needs (Color! Size!), giving a style oomph to everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a strapless dress.

Bicycle Basket

White Black Confetti Clutch With Strap

My mother loved clutch bags, and I have fond memories of pawing through her stash as she readied herself for a Saturday night out. I started using them myself many years ago, and now I use them almost daily. My advice? Size down this summer! This black and white number will hold all you need (lip gloss, phone, mints), and the minimal color scheme is clash-proof.

Raja Cotton Tunic Provence on Black

Tan Towel Half Body Plus Towelettes—10 Pack

I do love the look of a suntan, but I can assure you the real rays never penetrate my skin. Oh yes, I am maniacal about using sunblock all summer long (even though I spend many hours swimming and surfing in the ocean) and I compensate by using self tanner as diligently as I slather on the SPF. Hard to apply, you say? Try these and thank me later.

Horn And Rosecut Diamond Bangles

Basic Bath Terry Lined

A chic towel is one of summer’s loveliest luxuries. Really, is there anything better than a soft, warm wrap after a dip in the ocean? Nope. I’d love to always have a stack of these at the ready for the parade of friends who frequent our beach house.



Blazer Man Tailored Stripes With Gold or Pumpkin

I love a blazer—it makes me feel instantly pulled together and it provides a bit of warmth in the unavoidable chill of air conditioner—but it’s hard to find versions that aren’t so “work-y.” I saw this and fell hard. Hello, striped lover! The color palette works well with neutrals, looks lovely against sun-kissed skin and will transport the wearer (you, me) to some far-flung exotic bazar. Perfect.

Candle Diptyque “Amber”

Emerald Green Tassel Earrings

A funny thing happens once the humidity index rises: My hair turns into a frazzled mess. Therefore between June and September chances are excellent that my locks are haphazardly piled on top of my head in some sort of bun/knot creation that varies according to the amount of time I devote to it and whether or not I experimented with products. My point, and I do have one, is that it makes for the ideal backdrop for statement earrings, and wearing them is the one real seasonal accessory change I make. I plan to wear these danglers and become the (green) goddess I am destined to be.

Gray Feldspar Tassel Necklace

Fuchsia Robe

A good robe is hard to find, but oh how useful it is. Warmer months beg for bright, tropical hues and this is ideal. Mornings with a mug of coffee will look (and feel) so much better when you’re wrapped up in something so chic, and for weekends at the beach when overnight visitors are almost always in attendance, I will be suitably attired long before I am actually suitably attired.

Ladies Wool Loafer 11 1

Julia Reed Book

I actually know Julia Reed—she has written for me at More Magazine, where I am the Fashion Features Director—and I adore her. She is whip smart and hilarious. She also has a potty mouth, as do I, which I really appreciate. This book is a great read, and would also make a great hostess gift: nestle it in a basket with all the fixings for sangria and everyone wins.

Herbal Jam Gift Pack

Diamancel Genuine Diamond Foot Buffer #11

It’s sandal season, so heed the call to baby your feet. This handy buffer will make sure your tootsies stay in tip toe shape all summer long.

The Standard: Woven Leather Tote In Black

I’m the mother of two, and even though my girls aren’t babies any longer, somehow I’m still, inevitably, carrying their stuff. Hence this tote, which is the perfect car bag for weekends away. And it’s black, a color I love always, because no matter what you can’t take the New York City out of the girl.

Susan Swimmer lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters. Follow her on Instagram, @SusanSwimmer

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SECRETS OF ESPIONAGE / HOW TO PLAY BILLIARDS“Help him build his library of rare and vintage books”



WHISKEY SHAVING KIT“Because good grooming is everything…”

ONCE IN A LIFETIME BORDEAUX TRIPWhisk him away for a romantic trip to Bordeaux – stay in a chateau”

INDAGARE GIFT MEMBERSHIP CONNOISSEUR“Because he’ll need one to plan your next trip – and stay on top of what’s happening globally”

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ROASTED AND SALTED PECANS – 6 BAGS“A bar staple – you will always be prepared when people stop by”

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CARIBIANA 23’ SEMI-CUSTOM SKIFF“A boat of his own”

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ARTE CASHMERE THROW“Because everyone needs one, or more….”

VINTAGE ALLIGATOR CARD CASE “For making a lasting impression…”

MEN’S SHAWL TUXEDO “For galas and fetes…”

ALL ABOUT REDS SAMPLER – 3 BOTTLES“Invite some friends for a tasting”

TURNER ROUND TABLE“Such a guys table, and you can have it custom sized for him – what could be better…”

GEORGE WASHINGTON’S UNCOMMON CHAIR“Feeling presidential?  Sleek, stylish and modern… a chair for his bright future…”

SMALL GLASSES“Chic and simple for cocktails and cabernet…”


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STYLE ICON: Bunny Williams

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Bunny Williams’ genius as a designer is to create comfortable, welcoming spaces that invite you to relax and enjoy the good life. Her superbly trained eye makes the eclectic mix of furnishings and accessories she places in each room seem effortless. The same holds true for the collection Bunny has curated from Taigan. Bunny’s imaginative style allows you to discover how easy it is to live with beautiful things that are classic, but never predictable.

Cheese Crisps 2 Pack: For cocktail parties, John and I like to place food around the house so guests can pick up something wherever they are. Bowls of nuts and olives, platters of crudités and cheese crisps, like these, can be on small tables. I like to keep cheese crisps in the pantry so I’m ready for guests at all times.

Handkerchief Planter: A large scale object, like this planter, immediately catches the eye and adds stature and excitement to a room. I’d fill it with ferns, succulents or fruit.

Calais Bedding Collection: My favorite sheets are made of four-hundred-to-six-hundred-thread-count cotton percale. I mostly use white sheets, sometime with embroidered detail coordinating with the color of the bedroom. I love the whimsical scalloped edge on this set by Julia B.

Pillow Cambodian Silk Ikat Caramel Amethyst: I believe in investing in quality upholstery in basic solid fabrics you will not get tired of quickly. Then have some fun with colorful throw pillows like this beautiful ikat.

One Man’s Folly: I think everyone can learn so much from Furlow Gatewood – a man of great style – I know I have.

The Bella Café Au Lait Necklace: I love this necklace because it makes a statement, but it lies flat, so it’s comfortable to wear.

Earrings of Faceted Green Amethyst and Clear Quartz: These earrings are my favorite colors – green and gold – they go with everything! And, I love that they can come with a clip backing.

Oblong Scarf: I’m always looking for a great scarf like this to take an outfit from day to night.

The Shoreditch Clutch in Aegean Blue & Python: I’m so sick of carrying bags! When I go out at night, I love that this clutch would be able to hold all I need – my cell phone and lipstick.

Woven Leather Standard Architect Slate/Cognac: The perfect bag to keep my iPad, measuring tape and fabrics samples – and much more chic than the standard canvas tote.

Lafco Soap: Fresh Cut Gardenia: I stock every bathroom with special scented, natural and mild soaps. My preference is for scents flower based scents like gardenia.

Ladies Wool Loafer 8 10: From site visits, to the upholsterer, to the auction house, etc. – I’m constantly on the go – it is essential that my shoes be comfortable. These loafers covered in Turkish rugs could be worn all day and have such character. And, they can dress up black pants and a sweater for dinners in the country.