Hide and Seek

Shops September 8th, 2014 — by:

Few things are as rich as hide from a texture perspective. We love it on the ground in the form of a killer rug or slung over a shoulder in the form of a fabulous bag. Get the look with some of our favorites below.

Mulero Hobo Bag

Leopard Pillow on Cowhide

Winston Hair on Hide Football

Brindle Hair on Hide Cufflinks

Custom Patchwork Rug

Epoque Ponyhair Satchel

Extra Large Cowhide Rug

We are happy to announce Taigan’s second pop up shop this year in Birmingham, AL, co-hosted with flower magazine! It will be a fun and exciting week for all who attend! Not only will you get to meet our amazingly talented designers yourself and learn all about their refined skills and creativity, but we will also be gifting all attendees with 20% off all purchases. Bring your friends for a glass of wine and we are sure you’ll enjoy your time with us. Mark your calendars!

Read below for a sneak peek of who all we will be presenting:

Brackish Bow Ties, from Charleston, presents handcrafted, gorgeous ties 100% made of feathers – perfect for this upcoming wedding and gala season.

From Hawaii, Letarte resort wear presents a bohemian island aesthetic with signature prints, intricate adornments and lavish details. These are the stylish pieces all ages can enjoy during winter vacations with their well made cashmere toppers and ponchos.

Traveling from Houston, Melissa Braniff brings her fine jewelry designs that incorporate rare and ancient coins. These pieces don’t simply make a statement but they connect history as well. These are gorgeous holiday gifts and certainly conversation starters for anyone who wears these pieces.

Anatomie, traveling from Miami, is one of the absolute best women’s active and travel wear lines. They use all French and Italian fabrics and craft their pieces into sophisticated and flattering lines. The next time you have to run out of the house without getting all dolled up, you can certainly throw their pieces on and still be stylish.

Molly Jane Designs is a jewelry line based in Atlanta. Each piece demonstrates natural minerals and gemstones while also mingling feminine flair with an unexpected edge. Each offer an elegant, timeless and dramatic lasting presentation.

Cal Breed of Orbix Hot Glass hand blows all his beautiful glass creations. His studio is based right outside of Huntsville, AL, where he creates these beautiful works of art for the table, desk, kitchen, etc. by hand. Whether you put flowers in your stunning pitcher or serve drinks out of it, his pieces will certainly spark conversation at your next entertaining affair.

The tremendously talented Jonathan Savage of Savage Interior Design not only has his successful interior design business but he has also opened up his own retail shop on Taigan with many hard to find home goods like Christian Tortu candles and Antica Farmacista and his own private label of linens. At this show he will be presenting a plethora of fine home goods that will add that extra bit of charm to your kitchen and powder rooms.

Lexie Armstrong from Franklin, TN, is a wonderful watercolorist. She has not yet been launched on Taigan but she is coming soon. This will be her first presentation with us in Birmingham and we can’t wait to share her whimsical pieces depicting sweet plants and animals. We will be presenting several original works of hers at this show.

Notti Toffee‘s delicious cheese wafers will be served throughout the entire event. These delicious, bite size goodies will be exactly what you’ll need, along with your glass of wine, to make for a great shopping experience! Thank you, Notti Toffee, for sending some of these our way!

We are thrilled to be hosting this pop up shop with our close friends from flower magazine. Birmingham is flower‘s home base and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them on this show. And for those of you who are unfamiliar with this fantastic publication, be sure to check them out online and come visit us next week to learn more!

Gallery 1930 is so graciously hosting us and our designers next week in the heart of Mountain Brook in English Village. This quaint, local gallery is full of charm and the perfect home for our event. Not only will you get to enjoy our designers presenting their craft at the pop up shop but the walls will be filled with beautiful paintings for you to view as well!

We hope to see you all there!


Shops September 2nd, 2014 — by:

One of our favorite trends for fall is full of holes. We’re loving the perforated look, both in fashion and in the home. Shop the look below…



The Shoreditch Perforated Clutch



Toledo Flats


Ceramic Votives


Abbe Leather Jacket


Jarrod Small Pendant Light


Lynna Ballet Flat

Perfect Pairs

Shops August 4th, 2014 — by:

Some things are just meant to be together. Check out a few of our favorite pairings that bring out the best in each other!

Antique Plate Server +  PB&J Cookies

 All About Reds Sampler + Set of Wine Cups

 Sea Salted Caramel Gelato + Copper Bowls

 Jack Rudy Grenadine + “They Drink Like Fish” Cocktail Napkins

Italian American Collection + End Grain Butcher Block

Nature’s Finest

Shops July 8th, 2014 — by:

In a world where everything is manufactured it’s easy to overlook the natural beauty that’s right in front of us. Here are a few of nature’s finest creations that are completely awe inspiring.

In Animal Architecture, Ingo Arndt explores marvels of nature with spectacular imagery, showcasing the complex and elegant structures that animals create both for shelter and for capturing prey. Studio photographs supplement the images from Arndt’s journey and offer close-up views of the nests, mounds and webs constructed by the animals. Clearly mankind isn’t the only species that frets over the perfect home.

Maison & Co.’s Kourtney Lamp is made up of authentic mussel shells hand assembled and mounted on a wood base. This is a lovely reminder of natural beauty for your every day life. 

The Chuka Bow Tie pays homage to the upland lifestyle with a bold yet versatile design.  A gorgeous example of mother nature hard at work, any owner of this tie will be paying a great tribute to a beautiful bird.

This ancient Ammonite Fossil Bracelet is accented with sparkling diamonds and complimented by Tibetan agate beads. Ammonites lived in the seas approximately 65 million years ago, when they became extinct along with dinosaurs. You may not be the oldest person in the room, but you will definitely be wearing the oldest artifact!  

Agate Coasters are the ideal accessory for any living room. These little slices of stone are all unique and interesting and look great in a grouping. 

These naturally formed Chinese Wood Sculptures are about as organic as your artwork can get. Display them on their own or in a group for greater impact.



Fifty Nests and the Birds That Built Them is a book composed of photographs of nests, both messy and meticulous. It is a showstopper on a coffee table and makes the perfect gift for any bird lover.