“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” - George Bernard Shaw

My passion is design. I have always been attracted to design because it is the act of creating something from nothing. Whether it’s designing a website or sketching up a new swimsuit line; this passion to create becomes a deeply satisfying physical act and an emotional energy that sustains me. Everyday I look for inspiration in the world and design allows me to transform inspiration.

From a young age, I’ve always loved sinking my teeth into a project with a creative team and seeing ideas blossom. Before attending design school I wanted to start my own brand. I never had a clear vision of what that brand would be until I embarked on my first adventure to Asia.

Tridente International was born far from the beach – at the base of Mount Everest. Traveling to Nepal was not only a life-long dream, but a soul-searching journey that I was hoping would help reset my internal compass. I flew to the most dangerous airport in the world (Lukla) from Kathmandu and began my trek. I woke up with the sun for weeks and walked deep into the Everest region. Surrounded by the Himalayas I reflected on my life and journey of self discovery.

The higher I climbed the colder it became. This alien landscape was exhilarating, but after many days I started dreaming of the beach. I began sketching my brand wrapped in a sub-zero weather sleeping bag with a headlamp on.

After brainstorming for several cold nights, I arrived at the name “Tridente”. The trident is the symbol of Poseidon, and its connection with the beach and ocean is a part of ancient Greek heritage. Choosing this identity would also give me a vehicle to explore my ethnicity. After traversing mudslides, dodging rogue yaks and a 27 hour jeep ride on dirt roads I arrived back in Kathmandu and began Tridente. My trekking adventure had evolved into an entrepreneurial odyssey.

I decided to begin with high-end beach paddles. Paddleball is the unofficial sport of summer in Greece and the activity captures the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle. After months of corresponding via email with manufacturers around the globe, I found a factory that could produce the high quality paddles. The samples I received, thanks to FedEx, were incredible. To see an idea become reality solidified my energy and dedication.

Tridente was born from a love of all things classic, an appreciation of simple design and things well made. My aim is to create durable, well-crafted products that can be enjoyed for a life-time. Building a brand takes time and I know Tridente can evolve at its own pace if I follow these guidelines.

Ultimately, I envision Tridente International becoming a leading purveyor of quality beach gear. Combining my passion for design, fitness, and travel, I see Tridente flourishing as a business that provides products that make a statement. Most importantly, I see it as a brand that promotes a lifestyle of wellness, friendship, and environmental awareness.


All About Oscar

Shops February 25th, 2014 — by:

It’s time for the Oscars! Cozy up with your “Celebrity Manual” and some popcorn and enjoy the show!

Pictured above, clockwise, from left:

Written by a film and theatre critic for the London Evening Standard, How to be a Celebrity profiles twenty-eight international personages, including Alfred Hitchcock, Sir Laurence Olivier, Mae West, and T.S. Eliot Shulman. Each profile is accompanied by superb full-page caricature by Vicky of London’s News Chronicle.

Golden Rabbit’s Popcorn Bowls leave no question about the purpose of the bowls. So pop up something tasty, sit back and enjoy the show!

Seeing stars? See more than what’s walking down the red carpet with Minibrownie’s Box of Golden Brownies. You’re not the one that has to squeeze into a dress, so you may as well enjoy it!

Always dreamed of thanking The Academy? Then you probably should look the part… and nothing gets you to celebrity status faster than some really “wow” jewelry. We think Bounkit’s Green Onyx Drop Earrings have star appeal written all over them!

50 Years of The Beatles

Shops February 11th, 2014 — by:

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ US debut we take a look back on some of the iconic songs that shaped a generation. Six Days That Changed the World is a largely unseen collection of photos by photojournalist Eppridge celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ now famous first American tour. Upon capturing the Fab Four landing in New York, Eppridge realized he was witnessing something extraordinary and asked his editor if he could remain with the band during their U.S. sojourn. Blackbird: This Bob Christian painting titled “Blackbirds” evokes the same powerful stillness that the song itself does. All You Need is Love: This organic onesie really says it all… all you need is love! Back in the U.S.S.R: Russia has certainly been given a lot of airtime lately! We love this first edition of Travels of a Capitalist Lackey, which brings us back to the U.S.S.R. in a literary sense. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds: Michael Weggenmann’s Constellation Ring is the perfect statement piece. The striking contrast of ionized steel and white diamonds is a practical homage to the fantastical song. We Can Work It Out: This wooden wall plaque is a wonderful reminder of the lyrics that should be part of everyone’s mantra. Life is simply too short to not try to get along! Baby You Can Drive My Car: These silver and enamel cufflinks feature sporty red cars… exactly the type we imagine when we think of the classic song.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Shops February 4th, 2014 — by:

julia fetch vday   Julia Reed shops Taigan for some of her favorite picks for Valentine’s Day… Enjoy! Julia B.’s “Love Hanky,” made from fine linen and hand-embroidered with three hearts, is the most thoughtful “something” for those you hold most dear: Mama, Granny, your dearest friend or best big sister. The first Diptyque candle I ever bought was the one scented with tuberose and it remains my favorite. This version of the now classic “Tubereuse,” in red is a delicious Valentine’s Day gift and a swell addition to a jewel-box-like powder room. Valentine chocolates are indeed swell, but my husband will opt for a cookie every time. He’ll get Chucklet and Honey’s Firecracker Chocolate Chips, enlivened with seasonal color and suitably spicy red hots! Jack Rudy’s Small Batch Grenadine is the perfect elixir to make your Valentine—and his or her favorite cocktail—blush. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but I would not turn up my nose at these fabulous Pomellato rock crystal earrings. I love the rose gold setting and openwork floral design on the back—both of which make them far superior to actual flowers!     This Big Bad Wolf doll is too adorable in his fine fur-trimmed coat to be entirely scary. Pair him with Moulin Roty’s equally adorable Little Red Riding Hood Doll for your youngest Valentines. My friends call me the soap fairy and I have to say beautifully packaged soaps are among my very favorite things to give—and to receive. This year my Valentines will get Claus Porto’s Red Poppy bath soap from Aidan Gil. One year, I cooked a five course caviar-based menu for Valentine’s Day dinner. But when using this gorgeous, footed shell caviar server, one course will more than suffice. Be sure and add the small case of mother of pearl spoons (and the caviar!) to go with it. My seven-year-old goddaughter Mary will get this “big girl” and oh-so-ladylike pink tweed dress for her Valentine’s present, while her younger sister Maggie will get the poufy cotton candy pink skirt from Virginia Dunn, below.   Outfit your Valentine with pocket squares for both his modes of attire—an elegant pink silk and a festive red-and-white cotton check. Shop all of Julia’s picks for Valentine’s Day HERE.

The Return to Downton

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Downton Abbey’s newest season has recently kicked off, which of course means it was time for a roundup of some of the looks and trends!

Season 4 kicked off with a lot of black over the mourning of Matthew. Thankfully Lady Mary seems to have turned a corner, but we think this Katie Fong dress is about as elegant as black gets. It also comes in a beautiful cream if you’re not interested in mourning well into the spring!

No Downton event is complete without the best silver, china and of course flowers. If you don’t have the luxury of keeping grand bouquets of fresh flowers in your home year-round then we recommend the Upton Manor Silk Bouquet. This Diane James masterpiece was even modeled out of something that would have been common in an English manner during that time period.

The famous opera singer Dame Nelli Melba comes to Downton for a performance in episode 2. Dame Nelli proves to have excellent taste (in wine anyway) and we couldn’t help but love her dramatic ensemble. This Lizzy Couture necklace would have the same dramatic effect and is finished off with a lucky English  sixpence.

No Downton roundup would be complete without checking into the kitchen where a lot of the romantic intrigue seems to be happening this season. We adore Coppermill Kitchen’s highly collectible copperware including this saucepan which would have been used under Mrs. Patmore’s watchful eye.