Nature’s Finest

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In a world where everything is manufactured it’s easy to overlook the natural beauty that’s right in front of us. Here are a few of nature’s finest creations that are completely awe inspiring.

In Animal Architecture, Ingo Arndt explores marvels of nature with spectacular imagery, showcasing the complex and elegant structures that animals create both for shelter and for capturing prey. Studio photographs supplement the images from Arndt’s journey and offer close-up views of the nests, mounds and webs constructed by the animals. Clearly mankind isn’t the only species that frets over the perfect home.

Maison & Co.’s Kourtney Lamp is made up of authentic mussel shells hand assembled and mounted on a wood base. This is a lovely reminder of natural beauty for your every day life. 

The Chuka Bow Tie pays homage to the upland lifestyle with a bold yet versatile design.  A gorgeous example of mother nature hard at work, any owner of this tie will be paying a great tribute to a beautiful bird.

This ancient Ammonite Fossil Bracelet is accented with sparkling diamonds and complimented by Tibetan agate beads. Ammonites lived in the seas approximately 65 million years ago, when they became extinct along with dinosaurs. You may not be the oldest person in the room, but you will definitely be wearing the oldest artifact!  

Agate Coasters are the ideal accessory for any living room. These little slices of stone are all unique and interesting and look great in a grouping. 

These naturally formed Chinese Wood Sculptures are about as organic as your artwork can get. Display them on their own or in a group for greater impact.



Fifty Nests and the Birds That Built Them is a book composed of photographs of nests, both messy and meticulous. It is a showstopper on a coffee table and makes the perfect gift for any bird lover.


Brackish Redefines the Bow Tie

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Brackish Bow Ties. It all started with a simple problem: Finding the perfect groomsmen gifts.

In 2007, before Ben Ross’ wedding, he was looking for a unique and personal gift for each of his groomsmen. Growing up in and around the outdoors of South Carolina, Ben decided to handcraft the first turkey feather bow ties for his wedding. They were instantly a hit. The ties combined authentic style and nature while being unique, personal and one-of-a-kind.

Fast forward to 2012, when Ben and one of those groomsmen, Jeff Plotner, were given the rare opportunity to pursue a passion. Taking a remarkable idea and making it accessible to many others, Ben and Jeff founded Brackish.

Simply put, they are redefining the traditional bow tie. The Brackish bow tie itself has now built a new tradition. Their customers make a statement and are recognized for it. Whether it be at a wedding, awards ceremony or a multitude of other social functions, the Brackish tie will be remembered as an important ingredient in a memorable experience.

Every tie is handcrafted locally in South Carolina. And because every single feather is hand selected, no 2 Brackish bow ties are exactly alike. Every tie is a sustainable work of art. They have put painstaking effort into their products and pride themselves on genuine, intricate detail not found in mass production.

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Plum Thicket Pins. The thicket pins are made from wild plum thicket branches in the midlands of South Carolina. These limbs must then be cured before they are trimmed and paired with hand selected feathers. This process truly embodies one of their core values: Respectfully Repurposing the Beauty of Nature. Their Plum Thicket Pins have been designed to complement any of the signature bow ties or to stand alone as a unique statement. It can be worn as a lapel pin, brooch or hat accent.

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Res Ipsa USA

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About the name

Res Ipsa Loquitur. (rayz ip-sah loh-quit-her) n. Latin for “the thing speaks for itself”.

Res Ipsa USA is a lifestyle brand for modern professionals formed by two Georgia lawyers who wear ties every day. It fills the space in the marketplace for classically-inspired, made-in-the-USA neckwear appropriate for a courtroom, boardroom, or war room.

About the ties

A modern gentleman needs a good tie. Neither of the Georgia lawyers could reliably find ties they wanted to buy and set out to design their own. They became convinced there was a need for Res Ipsa when they discovered that they each had the awkward responsibility for staging a summer associate intervention to talk about how to dress professionally. (Hint: chambray/deadstock fabric ties may be fine for the service industry or a drummer in an indie band, but not BigLaw). They concluded that just because you work in a conservative environment doesn’t mean you have to dress poorly or surrender your personality. Now, they make and wear Res Ipsa ties to work.

About the wool loafers

A trip to Istanbul to source tie fabric inspired the wool loafers, which are reminiscent of the venerable British tradition of dress slippers. Each loafer is handmade, crafted from vintage hand-woven Turkish rugs, and finished with a durable leather sole and rubber heel. Because each Turkish rug is unique and asymmetrical, no two pairs will ever be identical. This is a one-of-a-kind product with an international flair.  Fabrics are sourced from mills around the world — Italy, Scotland and Turkey, to name a few.


About the brand

Each of the products are made by hand, exclusively for Res Ipsa, and according to precise specifications. They are responsibly-sourced, carefully-manufactured products appropriate for professional environments, and each product is one for which its design and quality is self-evident. Hence, the thing speaks for itself.

AND…they also make a great weekender bag and  dopp kit



We are happy to announce Taigan’s Pop Up Shop in Nashville! In addition to presenting these amazing designers, Julia Reed will be here signing her latest book collaboration – One Man’s Folly: The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood on Wednesday night. Mark your calendars!

Below are the stories behind each designer presenting product:

From Hawaii, Letarte resort and swimwear presents a bohemian island aesthetic with signature prints, intricate adornments and lavish details. These are the stylish pieces all ages can enjoy on summer vacations to different beaches and resorts.

Turkish-T, based out of Nashville, presents some of the most authentic Turkish beach and bath towels and accessories. This line demonstrates an appreciation for the age-old technique and tradition of processing, looming and refining cotton. Each of their items are great hostess gifts or bath accessories for use around your home or pool.

 Blessings in Disguise, jewelry designs from Santa Rosa Beach, FL, represents a passion for objects of history that are symbols of culture and tell a story. Melissa Rovner, the creator, gathers old medals, crosses, symbols and stones to turn them into fashion pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Traveling from Houston, Melissa Braniff brings her fine jewelry designs that incorporate rare and ancient coins. These pieces don’t simply make a statement but they connect history as well. These are gorgeous Mother’s day gifts and certainly conversation starters for anyone who wears these pieces.

 Lizzy Couture, also based in Nashville, creates fun fashion cuffs and necklaces with an inspiration of vintage designs and styles. Her designs combine old tulle, antique French trims, and English fobs and trinkets, which result is one of a kind, eye catching pieces. These pieces are fun accessories to any outfit.

 LEN Belts, based in Franklin, TN, presents the most extensive variety of luxury belts made of animal skins and leathers in today’s marketplace of menswear. Their belts are stunning and each are handcrafted one by one through a twenty-five, individual step process. These are fantastic Father’s Day, groomsmen or wedding gifts for that special guy.

 Anatomie, traveling from Miami, is one of the absolute best women’s active and travel wear lines. They use all French and Italian fabrics and craft their pieces into sophisticated and flattering lines. The next time you have to run out of the house without getting all dolled up, you can certainly throw their pieces on and be stylish.

 Glamourpuss, based in New York City, is a fashion line of chic, easy accessories and apparel that any woman can wear throughout the day for all occasions, from the morning errand run to business meetings to drinks with friends at night.

Brackish Bow Ties, from Charleston, presents handcrafted, gorgeous ties 100% made of feathers – perfect for this upcoming wedding and gala season.

 Res Ispa – Latin for “the things speak for themselves” – is a men’s line based in Atlanta of shoes and dop kits cut from ancient Turkish rugs; therefore, each pair or bag are one-of-a-kind. They are comfortable, stylish and are perfect gifts for upcoming graduation and Father’s Day.

 Armstrong + Wilson, from Philadelphia, present men’s pocket squares and neck ties. The creators behind these designs are passionate about marrying timeless men’s fashion with a splash of modern zest with their fun fabrics, accent buttons and bold colors. Also perfect for wedding season and Father’s Day.

88 by Sandy Simonian hails from Hawaii crafting her contemporary jewelry designs inspired by her exotic travels. Each of her pieces are fun, beachy and one-of-a-kind from her collection of materials along the way. These are great Mother’s Day gifts as well as graduation.

 Molly Jane Designs is a jewelry line based in Atlanta. Each piece demonstrates natural minerals and gemstones while also mingling feminine flair with an unexpected edge. Each offer an elegant, timeless and dramatic lasting presentation.

La Matera, from Brooklyn, NY, creates a timeless men’s style inspired by the Argentine countryside. This line of woven belts and wallets are designed after the rustic and rugged lifestyles of Argentine gauchos and the elegance of their woven fabrics. These are the perfect accessories for a guy of any age.

Trident International, from Cleveland, Ohio, creates hand crafted beach paddles inspired from endless vacations on the beaches of Crete playing the official game of summer – Reketes. These paddles are sure to make for fond memories spending time with family and friends on the beach!

Fritz Orr Canoe, from South Carolina, brings a heritage of canoeing to life through handcrafted canoe paddles. His work is truly a functional work of art.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” - George Bernard Shaw

My passion is design. I have always been attracted to design because it is the act of creating something from nothing. Whether it’s designing a website or sketching up a new swimsuit line; this passion to create becomes a deeply satisfying physical act and an emotional energy that sustains me. Everyday I look for inspiration in the world and design allows me to transform inspiration.

From a young age, I’ve always loved sinking my teeth into a project with a creative team and seeing ideas blossom. Before attending design school I wanted to start my own brand. I never had a clear vision of what that brand would be until I embarked on my first adventure to Asia.

Tridente International was born far from the beach – at the base of Mount Everest. Traveling to Nepal was not only a life-long dream, but a soul-searching journey that I was hoping would help reset my internal compass. I flew to the most dangerous airport in the world (Lukla) from Kathmandu and began my trek. I woke up with the sun for weeks and walked deep into the Everest region. Surrounded by the Himalayas I reflected on my life and journey of self discovery.

The higher I climbed the colder it became. This alien landscape was exhilarating, but after many days I started dreaming of the beach. I began sketching my brand wrapped in a sub-zero weather sleeping bag with a headlamp on.

After brainstorming for several cold nights, I arrived at the name “Tridente”. The trident is the symbol of Poseidon, and its connection with the beach and ocean is a part of ancient Greek heritage. Choosing this identity would also give me a vehicle to explore my ethnicity. After traversing mudslides, dodging rogue yaks and a 27 hour jeep ride on dirt roads I arrived back in Kathmandu and began Tridente. My trekking adventure had evolved into an entrepreneurial odyssey.

I decided to begin with high-end beach paddles. Paddleball is the unofficial sport of summer in Greece and the activity captures the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle. After months of corresponding via email with manufacturers around the globe, I found a factory that could produce the high quality paddles. The samples I received, thanks to FedEx, were incredible. To see an idea become reality solidified my energy and dedication.

Tridente was born from a love of all things classic, an appreciation of simple design and things well made. My aim is to create durable, well-crafted products that can be enjoyed for a life-time. Building a brand takes time and I know Tridente can evolve at its own pace if I follow these guidelines.

Ultimately, I envision Tridente International becoming a leading purveyor of quality beach gear. Combining my passion for design, fitness, and travel, I see Tridente flourishing as a business that provides products that make a statement. Most importantly, I see it as a brand that promotes a lifestyle of wellness, friendship, and environmental awareness.