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ME Speak Design is the brainchild of Eric and Lori Wright. Together they made a decision to celebrate only the most important things in life. Their designs marry Japanese inspired housewares with southern roots. 

Why we chose ME Speak Design

We were impressed by Eric and Lori’s strong sense of place as they seek and celebrate the inherent beauty of native and found materials. Combining their love of the rustic, rural South with their regard for the intrigue of the Japanese aesthetic, they have created elegant furniture and functional art for the home.

We’re thrilled to introduce Lola Hats on Taigan!

Lola Ehrlich was born in Holland and grew up in Paris, where her parents—an artist and a writer—encouraged her creative side while keeping her out of school. After failing as a ballet dancer, she moved to New York, where she worked as a crafts designer, textile conservator and magazine editor. Lola then opened a shop on Saint Marks Place specializing in one-of-a-kind hats for East Villagers and a few adventurous uptowners. Since then her hats have appeared on covers of magazines ranging from Elle to Vogue Italia and are now sold worldwide in premier retail stores. Lola divides her time between her Bushwick studio and her house in Saint Paul-de-Vence.

Why we chose Lola Hats:

Their hats are made with vintage blocks, or new blocks handcrafted by an Italian artisan based in Paris who regards each wooden mold as a unique creation. Each hat is stretched on a block and then steamed and pressed by hand. The same level of attention goes into trims, which are sewn on by hand and adapted to the individual hat.

We’re thrilled to introduce Shosh New York on Taigan!

Shosh designer, Carol Pratt would describe her aesthetic as being on the masculine side of feminine, a feminine tomboy. She is drawn to lush fabrics with structural properties that hug the body like a mitten as opposed to a glove. Pratt has found success in designing clothing that she would want to wear… clothing that allows a woman to feel powerful, loved, to participate in the community and to show up fully in her best second skin.

Why we chose Shosh:

We were instantly drawn to the lush fabrics with structural properties that hug the body in a more relaxed fashion. Each and every item in the collection allows the wearer to look and feel her very best. Shosh also helps to reform the way clothing is made by participating in the slow fashion movement. Most of the fabrics are up-cycled, reducing waste by using existing surplus luxury fabric; all of the linens are sourced from responsible growers whose processes meet the standards of ecological sustainability. Finally, each garment is born from a small team of dedicated sewers who live and work in New York City.

We’re thrilled to introduce Hannah Bergen Heirlooms on Taigan!

Hannah Bergen Heirlooms has developed a simple, low-tech, and lasting way for anyone to collect information and affix archival-quality tags or labels to furniture, art, tableware, and all of the sentimental artifacts that one gathers over time. Everything is numbered and coordinated, and easy to share with family and friends.

Why we chose Hannah Bergen Heirlooms: 

We all have that aunt or grandmother who holds all the stories of our past… travels, weddings, wars and loves. We love the idea of keeping our heritage alive and passing these stories along to future generations. Hannah Bergen Heirlooms provides us with a lovely way to do just that. Happy story-gathering!

We’re thrilled to introduce The Goldbug Collection by MINI on Taigan!

“Mini” Mariana Hay is a life long resident of Charleston and the youngest of the 4th generation to join her family’s hundred year old store, Croghan’s Jewel Box. Mini comes by her talents quite naturally, it was her great grandfather who started Croghan’s and had a background as a jeweler, hand engraver, and manufacturer.

The Goldbug Collection by MINI is straight out of the imagination of “Mini” Mariana Hay. Mini’s mother challenged her to design a line of jewelry that would be something unique to Charleston and their iconic store. After some thinking the idea struck Mini, “Cockroaches!” or as they are more politely called in Charleston, “Palmetto Bugs.” She gilded her first bug and made a necklace with pearls just to test the waters and see what customers would say. The first necklace sold that day and she has been developing and expanding the line ever since. It is easy to see why people are drawn to Mini’s clever creations!