Decorating your home for the holidays brings a warmth and coziness that is especially welcome in the cold winter season. Even if you aren’t celebrating a specific holiday, something as simple as a candle with a comforting scent can lighten spirits during these days when it gets dark by 5pm. Whether you’re looking for sparkly tree ornaments or something a little different, Taigan can help with our wide variety of holiday decor.

The best holiday decor is unexpected and shows attention to detail. For a lot of people, Christmas tree ornaments are a staple of decorating and unique ones can preserve memories, like trips or significant events. (And they make great gifts!) The bathroom is not the first place you would think of decorating, but a festive hand towel extends the holiday cheer beyond the living room. You can also send some joy to friends and family with cute holiday cards that, when hung up, will help decorate their own homes. And, if you are just looking for that simple comforting candle, we have plenty of those too!


1. Bernardaud Grenadiers Dinner Plate, $70; 2. Glitter Tree, $40; 3. Nest Holiday Candle Classic, $32; 4. Woodland Happy Holidays Cards, $20; 5. Winterberry with Organza Guest Towel, $52; 6. Jan Barboglio Camay Manger, $1,000; 7. William Wayne Ornaments, $7.99-24.99



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