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We’re thrilled to introduce CAROLINE’S CAKES!

Caroline’s Cakes was founded based on the success of a Seven-Layer Caramel Cake made for a christening in 1982. Since then, Caroline’s Cakes has been introducing the fabulous tastes of traditional Southern cakes to the world. The folks at Caroline’s Cakes are determined to keep the traditions of good eating and gracious entertaining alive and well in our busy lives.

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Why we chose Caroline’s Cakes:

After that famous first Caramel Cake, Caroline started receiving orders from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii, and for good reason! Caroline’s layer cakes are one-of-a-kind and uniquely delicious. In the Seven-Layer Southern Chocolate Cake, the moist layers of yellow cake are filled with creamy chocolate ganache and iced with traditional chocolate fudge Icing. Caroline’s Cakes will undoubtedly leave you weak in the knees!  Welcome Caroline’s Cakes!


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