The Thanksgiving Menu usually is what it is – turkey, stuffing, fresh green beans, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pecan pie. In our family, it’s been the same for as long as I can remember. So, if your family is anything like mine, you’re not going to break with tradition when it comes to the food – but you can add some ooompf! to the entertaining side of things, particularly if you’re the hostess. Here are some of my recommended items on Taigan to make a special Thanksgiving Day even more so,

No. 1

Swan Feather Earrings dipped in Gold by Leslie Fendig at Sabot | $185

First things first – let’s start with the hostess. If you feel special, your guests will feel the same. Wear something unexpected that makes you feel beautiful – I love these hand-made feather earrings.

No. 2

Santa Maria Novella Almond Soap by Absolution | $17

A special bar of soap in a guest powder bathroom because you’ve thought of everything.

No. 3

Dark Chocolate Pecans by Schermer Pecans | $33

Speaking of satisfying your guests, a pretty pewter bowl of these dark chocolate pecans are the perfect sweet & salty nibbles before the big meal.

No. 4

Tortoise Glasses by William-Wayne & Co. | $18.75

Great colors make these stylish & versatile drinking glasses just right for Thanksgiving.

No. 5

Cutting Board by And George | $34

From cheese board to table centerpiece, this affordable rustic piece is perfectly festive.

No. 6

A Taste of France 4-Bottle Sampler by Wine For All Special Selection| $99

Wine, the Holidays, it’s just a necessity.

No. 7

In the Spirit of Aspen by Absolution | $45

Culture, natural beauty, good food, skiing. Pop this book about Aspen, Colorado on your coffee table and you’re sure to get the conversation going about planning that long-awaited Ski Trip!

No. 8

Soapstone Shot Glasses (4) by Sparq | $40

Warm these up over the fire for a before or after dinner aperitif.

No. 9

Croquet Set by Nine Holes Anywhere | $750

After the turkey, grab your aperitif and a mallet, and head to the backyard for a game of croquet!

No. 10

Red Canvas Traveling Bag by 100% Capri | $890

All of the above are assuming you’re spending the Thanksgiving Holiday at home entertaining family & friends. But suppose you’re not – suppose you want to take advantage of the time off of work and head out of town for a mini-vacation. It’s a fantastic time of year to travel, low crowds, low prices. And here’s a great piece of luggage to get you there in style.

Happy Thanksgiving month,



PS. In case you missed it, check out my last post on early bird shopping for the bookworms.. My mind is certainly gearing up for the holidays now!

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