New Years is a total blast, or the worst holiday ever, depending on who you ask. We’ve put together suggestions for the party animal and the homebody. Just make sure you get a killer dress and surround yourself with people you love.

Have Dinner at Your Favorite Local Spot | Forgo a prix fixe meal at big fancy restaurant. The service will be slow, the staff will be harried, and the food won’t be crafted with the same attention of a less crowded day. Instead, head to your local favorite (they’ll be so excited to see you!) and enjoy a sumptuous meal and a stress free environment. Feel free to overdress.

Celebrate at a Big Party | New Years is one of the best excuses to go over the top. So pull out your sequined dress, your highest heels and feel free to go a bit wild with make up. Bring at least a bottle of champagne, and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for someone to kiss at midnight.

Swap Spaces | City girl looking for some fresh air? Country girl looking for some more excitement? Get out of your usual environment and you’ll be sure to have a fun time. Even if you’re staying in a hotel for just one night, a new space will make all the difference.


Have an Anti-New Years | Put on your pj’s at ten, invite some friends over. Watch movies, play board games, and make chocolate chip cookies. You just may be the only one waking up on the 1st feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Host an Intimate Dinner Party | This option has the best of both worlds. It’s intimate and easy, but you’re also surrounded by your favorite people. Keep the guest list small, we’re thinking no more than 12. Get cheesy party hats, noisemakers and balloons. Don’t forget to turn on the TV to catch the ball drop!




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