I state the obvious here, but in honor of Garden & Gun magazine’s “Made in the South” award winners, which are currently showcased on Taigan, I’ll say it again: All good things have always been Made in the South. A case in point: Garden & Gun itself. I don’t just say this because I write for it (which is my great pleasure). I read it too, from cover to cover, every issue. Also, think about this: It won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence this year and its sole content consists of all the good things that exist below the Mason-Dixon line. Which means that a lot of people are starting to agree with that made in the south thing. But just in case anyone needs more evidence, I’ll offer a tiny handful of examples: Barbecue, Quilts, Fried Chicken, Moonshine, Country ham, Fried Chicken, Bourbon, Jack Daniels. All of which are handmade in the South and all of which make the world a far, far better place. And there’s a new one: BearingsGuide.com (if you don’t know this one yet, read my interview with its very cool founders in this week’s Fetch). For further evidence, check out the current Made in the South winners on Taigan. You can also get a copy of the magazine itself at Heirloom Books. And speaking of made in the South, Heirloom has Big Ed’s BBQ sauce, a gorgeous Southern Biscuit book, and a whole lot of other good stuff on offer as well. Happy Thanksgiving.

About Julia Reed

Julia Reed is a columnist at Garden & Gun magazine and a contributing editor at Elle Décor. She also contributes to The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, and The New York Times, and makes frequent appearances on MSNBC. She is the author of five books, including But Mama Always Put Vodka in the Sangria, Adventures in Eating, Drinking and Making Merry and One Man’s Folly, The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood.

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