The entire Fashion Week buzz has me thinking about well, fashion. In watching the recent runway shows I've noticed a definite theme – ladylike rugged elegance. Seeing the subtle contrast of sweet with an edge has inspired me to incorporate a few new pieces into my existing wardrobe. Below are 10 classic pieces on point with the looks seen coming down the runway this week, all in the rich, rustic hues of the season.

No. 1

Pixie Sequined Crop Top by Alice + Olivia

The great thing about this stylish top is that you can dress it up or down. For an informal look, pair it with skinny jeans. For a more elegant look, a simple fitted pencil skirt will take it all the way up.

No. 2

Donald Pliner Devi2 Distressed Boot by Bob Ellis Shoes

Riding boots have been around forever for a reason. Classic rugged style.

No. 3

Smoky Topaz Earrings by Bounkit

The pair of earrings you'll leave in all season because they go with literally everything.

No. 4

Leather Cecilia Bag by Peter Nappi

When I saw this classic bag, my mind immediately went to planning a getaway to a cabin in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. It's just the perfect weekender bag, in beautiful fall colors to boot.

No. 5

Fouta Multi Color Scarf by Scents and Feel

Think of scarves as an accessory, just like any other piece of jewelry. And since they keep you warm, they're functional accessories.

No. 6

Lip Gloss by Naked Princess

A soft light pink lip is in, and with the cooler temperatures and dryer air your lips will thank you kindly.

No. 7

The Gwenyth by Jules Reid

You've probably gathered by now from some of my other posts that I love versatility when it comes to individual pieces of clothing. This tunic dress is text book when it comes to multipurpose. It hits right at the knee, so when you need it to be dressy just slip on a pair of stilettos. For something a bit more laid-back, throw it on over a pair of jeans and those same stilettos – this style of big on top / skinny on bottom was all over the runways this week.

No. 8

Draped Jersey Ling Dress by Ammara

The LBD (little black dress) of the season.

No. 9

Long Sleeve Chiffon Blouse by Lily & Migs

Mixing textures is big this fall. A sweet sheer gray chiffon number paired with edgy leather leggings is brilliant. Click on the picture, you've got to see the back of this blouse.

No. 10

Stainless Steel & Gold Tone Bracelets by Gervis Design Studio

Just like those smoky topaz earrings above, this stack of steely gray and gold bracelets will go with anything you put on this season.

Wishing you a beautiful and most fashionable season,


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