Like a chef who shops the green market, or a painter who creates their work en plein air, it’s undeniable that we are deeply inspired by our surroundings and the unique flavor of the island we call home. So we took a stroll and snapped a few photos of places we know well that are reflected in our collection.

blue yellow tiles

Blue, Yellow, Green Historic tile at Pan’s Garden


blue and yellow jacket edit

CJ Laing Men’s Ikat Jacket


Plainly put, we love it here. It’s quirkier than you’d imagine, it’s a transient place that welcomes vacationers from around the world, it’s also a place with a year ’round population and loads of young families. It’s a tropical island that faces the threat of hurricanes, a place that if it were left untended would be swallowed up by vegetation in no time. It’s a town where ladies push dogs around in baby strollers and restaurants offer dog menus, and it’s a place that some of the world’s greatest philanthropists call home. It’s a town of surfers, authors, photographers, artists, singers and musicians. It’s an island that argues over politics and celebrates it’s hometown success stories. There are incredible homes, incredible cars, and incredible show-offs. There is also lots of heart, and faith, and generosity, often where you’d least expect it.

coral stairs

Coral and White Stucco staircase that faces our home


coral clothes edit copy

CJ Laing items available on Taigan: Clarendon in Coral and Antigua, Willow Kaftan, Zilly Tunic, Tangier in Coral Cream


Our surroundings never disappoint, and whether it’s the exotic strangeness of a sausage tree at the Four Arts Garden, the charm of a flock of native parrots squawking at dusk, the fountains, the Portuguese tiles, the sea and the sky, the cool shade and the hot sun, iguanas, lizards, manatees and spinner sharks, the fragrant hedges of gardenia and jasmine, orchids sprouting from palm trees, vines climbing walls, mangoes and coconuts falling from trees, the ocean breeze, the heavy rains, it’s home and we just can’t help being inspired by it each day..

balcony 2

Blue, White, Bone Worth Avenue Clock Tower


zilly dress

CJ Laing Linen Zilly Dress


Have a wonderful rest of the week from the two of us at CJ Laing,

Jack Laing and Ali Russell

jack and ali

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