To celebrate the onset of spring, the return of longer days and new beginnings, we thought we’d start a little series on some of the customers who have touched our hearts and made us glad to be clothing designers.


One thing we love about having our own store is the people we get to meet, and every once in a while we meet someone wonderful, someone we won’t forget and we make a connection through a piece of clothing. There are clothes that are practical, clothes that are fashionable and then there are the clothes we fall in love with – the clothes that make us feel better, the clothes that speak to us and say proudly to the world “this is ME.” And if you’re lucky enough to be the person that designed that piece of clothing and you’re there to see that connection happen, it can be pretty special.


Last week a gorgeous 78 year old woman with flaming red hair came in, wearing an elegant beige suit. (She reminded us of Jessica Tandy from the movie Cocoon pictured below)

jessica tandy

She needed a few things for an upcoming cruise and chose several great blouses. Then on a whim we decided to show her our “Lara” top.

lara maniquin

lara top edit


Silk embroidered Lara top

This is no ordinary blouse, we don’t even know what to call it but we know “blouse” isn’t quite right. The Lara is a pure-silk-technicolor-tie-dye-handkerchief-hem-multicolor-cabbage-rose-embroidered creation that we are mad for and Janis Joplin definitely  would have had in her closet.

janis joplin

Guess what? She LOVED it. “I’m 78 and if I’m not having fun now then when will I?!” She felt great, she looked great, and then…her grown daughter said “no.” Walking back to the dressing room she whispered, “I’m getting it – I just won’t wear it around her!” We’re thinking of her right now. She’s on that cruise knocking them dead, and, just maybe, she’s thinking of us too.


Just goes to show you, it’s never to late,

and by the way, you can find your very own Lara blouse on Taigan.  :)


Happy Spring!

spring flowers copy


Have a great rest of the week from the two of us at CJ Laing and we’ll be back writing next week,

Jack Laing and Ali Russell

jack and ali

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