We’ve all heard stories of  amazing outcomes that could have been very different if not for a tiny twist of fate. Perhaps we’ve even experienced it. But what about someone who told you that her life was changed forever by a tunic?


A few years back, a woman came to our store, ecstatic to have found us – “I have to tell you how your tunic completely changed my life.” Several years earlier she had lost her husband, and after some time had passed, her daughter bought her a trip on a cruise in the Mediterranean to lift her spirits.


When she got the brochure it recommended “resort chic” evening attire. She didn’t have a clear idea of what that might be, so someone suggested she try CJ Laing. She picked up a tunic we made at the time, black with white trim in a Moroccan-inspired design.


The first night of the cruise she was feeling very alone and self conscious.  She got dressed and walked to the grand dining room wearing her new tunic. While she was waiting for the maitre d’ to seat her, there was a group of couples also waiting for a table. One of the other ladies turned to her and said, “That’s the prettiest top I’ve ever seen, where did you get it?” So she told her the whole story. “Oh, don’t feel self conscious,” said the lady. “Come and join us and we’ll have a great time.” Well she did, and they did. They had such a great time that they sat together every night and became dear friends. When the cruise was over, they stayed in touch, and to this day every year they all go on a trip together.

pool shot

We loved her story and were so touched to have played a tiny part in it. Then she looked through our collection and decided to get another top. In fact, for the next several years, she has come to us once a year to get one new top. But there’s more. Last time she came by with some news. “You know what happened? I went to my high school reunion wearing the blouse I got last time.” (The Paris Market Blouse in black eyelet) “I ran into my high school sweetheart and it was love-at-first-sight all over again!”

paris blouse edit

His favorite thing for her to wear became that eyelet blouse. So she decided to get another one, this time in periwinkle blue. “How could I not? You’re my lucky charms.”

heart ocean

We’re so happy for her, and just can’t wait to hear how the periwinkle worked out.

trevel makes you rich

Have a great rest of the week from the two of us at CJ Laing and we’ll be back writing next week,

Jack Laing and Ali Russell

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