Paige Mullins works in the New York shelter industry and has contributed to publications like Lonny Magazine, Country Living and Real Simple. She lives in the city and agreed to chat on all things design. Click through for our interview!

You’ve worked with Lonny Magazine, Country Living and Real Simple. It seems that those magazines are less interested in creating the perfect home/life, and more interested in creating one that is livable. Do you think this is true? How does one balance function and style in the home? 

Most definitely true. I think it has to be somewhere you love coming home to and filled with pieces you absolutely adore and have meaning- regardless if they’re aesthetically consistent or pristine. We’ve definitely heard it before, but the fabulous antique hand-me-down from your parents next to a weathered flea market find…that juxtaposition and significance really defines the space as uniquely yours.


How do you achieve this in your own home?

Plenty of Craigslist and estate sale finds and, of course, some IKEA placeholders. But I frame every black & white family photo I can get my hands on and try to sneak back as many of my grandmother’s pieces as she will allow. It’s far from finished, or perfect for that matter, but would the fun in that be?


Who are some of your favorite interior designers? What is it you love about their work in particular? 

Celerie Kemble, Bunny Williams, Katie Ridder, Ruthie Sommers, I could keep going… I think there is something distinctly- but not overtly- feminine about all of their work that I can’t resist.

1. Astier de Villatte Etoile Dinner Plate, $170; 2. Oversized Guest Towel, $150; 3. Coming Home: The Southern Vernacular House, $45; 4. “Italianate” Style Mirror, $1125; 5. Pillow Thai Silk Ikat One of a Kind Collection Black and Silver, $220; 6. Jotter Cards ~ Elizabeth, $85; 7. Rattan Console, $765; 8. c1840 Pair Chinese Jars, $1900; 9. Alexandre Birma Taupe/Gray Ankle Boot, $625; 10. Polished Nickel Ice Bucket, $195


Can you talk about your personal style? Is it similar in both your home and wardrobe? Are you more adventurous in one or the other?

It’s funny, I have to catch myself all the time from buying clothes that I know I’m drawn to because of my tastes in interiors…. prints (i.e. horizontal stripes!) that would much better serve a piece of upholstery and the perfect shades of gray in sweater that I know I’m subconsciously just really wanting to see on my walls.


When it comes to decorating what’s the biggest faux pas you’ve ever made?

Definitely the wall-to-wall emerald green carpet in my childhood bedroom.


What sort of trends can we expect to see in interior design in the coming year? 

I think everyone has smaller spaces on the brain. Living in NYC, it’s something we’re always dealing with, but everyone else starting to agree that bigger isn’t always better. A home that’s scaled to how you use it is so much more comfortable and natural. It’s definitely refreshing to see some new products and ideas emerging with that mantra in mind.


Are there any trends you are absolutely sick of, or ones you think are really hard to pull off? 

I’m wondering when everyone will tire of the whole industrial trend. I definitely don’t think it’s going anywhere for a while and can certainly appreciate it in doses, but who really wants their home to look like an airplane hangar?


Finally, what are you looking forward to most this fall? What’s on your to-do list? 

Boots. And a good excuse for a hot toddy.



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