In the good ole’ state of Tennessee, summers here are like death on a cracker.  The humidity will kill that hairdo in five minutes and the sweat stains that you so desparately wanted to avoid will ruin that new dress. It’s a battle with nature; however, one redeeming aspect of these hot-as-hades summers is the air conditioned indoors. Yes, during the month of July, I’d rather be on my computer online shopping.  And if you’re anywhere near the south at this time of year, you’ll want to be doing the same.  Here are some finds that came out of a few hours of online perusal-they’re all fabulous and unique items (including some items that are favored by celebrities!) that I can’t wait to add to my personal collection. 

Jewelry is always a good idea (Sabrina Fairchild used to say “Paris is always a good idea” but you can’t think of Paris without glitz) and some brand names have caught my attention.  House of Lavande, Adesso, By Natalie Frigo, Bounkit and Jules Reid all have beautiful pieces for which I’m simply head-over-heels!

House of Lavande has a vintage belt that Michelle Obama herself was seen wearing on her husband’s campaign stop in Miami Lake. This belt is absolutely fabulous!

Michelle Harper was spotted sporting HOL earrings from the Made in Italy Collection as well as a stylish HOL ring in the blog Into the Gloss.

  Jordana Brewster was wearing a House of Lavande cuff to the Just Fab event in Los Angeles.

On one of our favorite sites, Kelly Market, featured House of Lavande in her “Palm Beach Chic” article. HOL was also featured on the site Who What Wear with its Made in Italy chandelier earrings. Clealry, House of Lavande has captured the attention of some pretty awesome celebs.  Has it captured yours yet?

Adesso jewelry line is also making strides in the world of glitter. A couple of pieces are featured in the August issue of Seventeen Magazine.  The collection has that special talent to appeal to young girls and classy ladies alike.  How great is that?

In Stylist Magazine, Adesso’s Amitola Bangle was featured in their recent photoshoot.

Bouknit was featured in both Viv Magazine and the Wall Street Journal this month for their outstanding jewelry.  Viv featured the collection in their summer 2012 issue.  Look at that sparkle!

Wall Street Journal recently mentioned Bounki jewelry as “perfect jewelry for a summer wedding.” Know any brides-to-be? Get some pieces for yourself…just make sure you don’t sparkle more than the bride.

Although Jules Reid has made her name in the designer world with her bold & bright patterns in women’s fashion, she also has a jewelry line that I adore! Her Lucite Rock ring was seen on the back cover of Gourmet By Day. Look at this puppy. Feast your eyes.

Finally, By Natalie Frigo was featured in JCK Online Magazine last week for the stunning Triangle Ring. Natalie’s creative method of casting her jewelry had me hooked from the first moment I saw her pieces.  The girl has got game.

So, jewelry shopping in the comfort of your own home (or at work, maybe) when it’s 200 degrees outside doesn’t seem like a loss to me.  Not only has my online shopping allowed me to possess the insight into the ever-changing world of jewelry, but my hair hasn’t misbehaved yet.

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