We’re thrilled to introduce GURU NYC!

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The concept of Guru NYC was inspired by the tunics worn in Indian cinema by the creative and very chic art house heroines of the 1960’s and 70’s. Made with fine European linen and cotton, each classic long sleeved tunic is embellished with handmade piping of the same breathable fabric.

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Why we chose Guru NYC:

The signature style of Guru NYC incorporates an ancient sense of luxury with beauty and elegance. Who doesn’t love the comfort and style of a classic, well-tailored shirt dress?From beach tunics to linen shift dresses, Guru NYC has a tunic for every occasion. Not to mention, each piece is eco-friendly and organic! Welcome Guru NYC!

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Enjoy 10% off your order-enter promo code GURU at payment through Sunday.

Happy shopping!

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