We’re thrilled to introduce ROARKE NEW YORK!

roakeROARKE New York was founded in the summer of 2009, when Bergdorf Goodman buyer Laetitia Stanfield decided that she wanted to bring a uniquely independent flair to the contemporary fashion market. Raised between the fashion epicenters of New York and Paris, Laetitia was privileged to learn from influential style makers that accessories are a way to stand apart from the norm.


Why we chose ROARKE NEW YORK:

The ROARKE look shows a new approach to textile accessories, and each scarf necklace is hand beaded and made to order by extremely talented artists. Each piece makes its own unique statement, and Laetitia is always working on new styles and colors for her necklaces and bracelets. Welcome ROARKE New York!


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Happy Shopping!

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