Two years ago I discovered Parasol and it totally changed my summer!  I have always stayed out of the sun.  Which means that doing things outside becomes very limited and can be, well, a little boring at times. A friend of mine used to say frequently  “no sun, no fun” I think as a reminder of how un fun I was to be with during the warmer months. A day at the beach was usually a short day, quick swims and elaborate cover up for beach walks and just hanging out. I used lots of sunblock, a hat, and an umbrella but  never really felt I had enough protection. Two friends of mine started Parasol and I bought one of their cute blue and white stripe shirts, at first just to be supportive. My sister also bought a few things as she was chasing after her 2 year old son all day long.  He had discovered the beach and the water that summer and could not be pulled away.


My nephew in his Parasol swim shirt


My sister in her Parasol swim shirt


I loved the way it looked on my sister and thought how fantastic, fashion and function.  That same summer was to be my “try paddle boarding” summer. How to avoid being burnt to a crisp? I had no idea how to protect myself from both sun AND reflection, a double whammy. Deciding to try it anyway, I brought my Parasol shirt along on my first voyage out at sea, to cover up and try it out. It was such a success that I ended up wearing it all summer. Suddenly I could be active with just a simple shirt and wore it on bike rides, walks and long swims. Never burning or feeling over sunned I could do things as long as I liked, things I was never really able to do before. It was a a whole new world for me and a very fun summer. That September I became a partner and creative director for the brand. I still wear my shirts (and hat and umbrella and sunblock) every day and love how easy it is to be safe in the sun.  My sister and her son wear theirs every day as well…we added boys shirts for my partner’s children and my nephew!

So while you prepare for the warm summer days coming up, be sure to try out Parasol!

Until next time, have a great week,

Fernanda Niven

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