not your average lunch box


From packing a lunch box to brown bagging it in the office, we have the secret ingredients that will add some spunk to your lunch!


Pictured above, clockwise from left:

Blackberry Farm’s famous Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.


Blackberry Farm’s peanut butter is top notch. Take your boring PB&J to the next level with this combination of roasted North Carolina peanuts and coarse sea salt. That’s it. As simple as the recipe sounds, this “gritty” peanut butter is just the right combination of texture and taste.


What’s a PB&J without the J? We love Sally’s Greatest Strawberry + Basil Jam for an interesting twist on the classic.


We think a bacon, tomato and pimento cheese sandwich is sure to beat the brown bag blues. Whip up this classic with the help of Callie’s Greatest pimento cheese… Or opt for the fiery pimento cheese for some extra kick!


If you send a pail of Notti Toffee to your favorite co-ed then they are guaranteed to be the most popular person on the hall. We think the dark chocolate toffee with nuts makes the perfect care package.



The Dijon Mustard trio from St. James Cheese will add the perfect amount of zip to your boring turkey sandwich. Mix it up with the traditional, tarragon and honey balsamic varieties and you’ll never get bored.

main_item_st-james-cheese-company-on-taigan-gruyere-cave-aged - Copy

If you really want to take your sandwich to the next level then add in some 1st place World Cheese Championship winning cheese. This cave aged gruyere is about as good as it gets.

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