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Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month by making our Taigan Top Ten List of Favorites, plus two very tasty bonuses!

A menu mainstay at St. James Cheese Co. in New Orleans  features grilled cave aged Gruyere or the delicious Pleasant Ridge Reserve with caramelized onion confit on multigrain bread (pictured above). For the confit, St James co-owner Danielle Sutton says to sauté thin-sliced onions in salted butter until they are a rich brown—or you could keep a whole stash on hand in the form of Blackberry Farms’ Onion Jam. Either way, it’s a mighty fine sandwich—right up there with another perennial favorite, a classic grilled pimento cheese and we have three terrific artisanal varieties to choose from (Blackberry Farms, Callie’s, and Belle Chevre).

For more great grilled cheese options, see below our Taigan Top Ten, and remember: the secret to the perfect grilled cheese is to cook it over low heat and spread both sides of the bread lavishly with butter, which crisps it in the pan.  Enjoy!



Cabot Clothbound Cheddar with Bacon and Sliced Tomatoes on Country White

Mozzarella with St. Helena Olive Oil Co. Black Olive Tapenade (Prosciutto and/or Roasted Red Peppers optional) on Ciabatta

Point Reyes Original Blue with Thin Sliced Pear on Raisin Bread

Sweet Grass Dairy Heat with Sopressata Salami on Whole Grain

Blackberry Farms Blackberry Jam with Singing Brook Cheese on Sourdough

Thin sliced Perini Ranch Smoked Peppered Beef Tenderloin with Thomasville Tomme and Dijon Mustard on Country White

Brie and Green Apple with Honey Dijon on French

Comte Fort St. Antoine and Whole Sage Leaves with Carolina Honey on Sourdough

Cacao Dark Chocolate and Belle Chevre Montrachet on Brioche

Josephine’s Feast Hot Pepper Preserves with Lincoln Log “Bucheron” on Wheat

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  1. 1. Saga Blue Cheese with domestic prosciutto (less nitrates) on raisin walnut pecan loaf.
    2. Catupiry (a Brazilian cheese spread) with guava paste on rye bread. Can substitute queso blanco, which is a very mild/watery cheese from Spain.
    3. Pate with cornichons and runny Alsace Muenster (a semi stinky type of Brie – not American Muenster) on a baguette. Keep the number of your cardiologist handy…
    4. Manchego with Bresaola and basil leaves on Focaccia – must use a panini press and drizzle with truffle oil….
    5. I am HUNGRY now and off for a snack…

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