Summer is winding down. By all accounts, summer vacation trips are winding down as well. But this time of year is actually my favorite time to sneak away. Crowds are smaller, prices are better. If you find yourself planning a late summer / early fall trip, here are 10 travel essentials to help in the packing department. What I like about them, aside from their beauty and functionality, is that they all work together. And in keeping with the “prices are better” theme, they're also all under $100. Go on, indulge.

No. 1

“The Crew” by Claridge + King | $88

Throw it on over leggings or jeans. Pair it with ballet flats or boots. Another reason why I love this versatile piece? It rolls up like a burrito to take up little space in your luggage.

No. 2

Fouta Multi-Stripe Wrap by Scents and Feel | $69.50

I'm a huge fan of packing an oversized scarf when traveling. You can use it during cool mornings and evenings. Scarves are also great as an accessory to change the look of an outfit from day to day.

No. 3

Green Garnet Earrings by Adesso | $60

Dark green is a great neutral, especially for fall.  I like these natural earrings because they're casual with just enough elegance.

No. 4

Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings by Cicada for Her | $60

Sometimes we wake up and want to go neutral from head to toe, other mornings we crave color. So when packing for a trip, it's a good idea to take options for both. These pink agate earrings are definitely for those days when you wake up ready to go!

No. 5

Wrap Around Cuff by IMPERIO jp | $60

Less is more in a lot of ways. This cuff, made of organic Kenyan wood, easily stands on its own.

No. 6

Monogrammed Cosmetics Case by Grace Hayes Linens | $85

Adorable case to safely carry the pieces of jewelry mentioned above.

No. 7

Molton Brown London Travel Set by Absolution |$45

Most hotels these days come equipped with decent bath & shower gels, but just in case, it never hurts to carry your own. These travel-sized bottles are made for the job.

No. 8

“Prelude to a Kiss” by Woo Skincare and Cosmetics | $16

You'll undoubtedly chip a nail, so it's best to pack a small bottle of nail color for touch ups. A subtle pink is always in season.

No. 9

“Call Me A Cab” 29 by Lydia Mondavi | $25

I know a lot of the colors above are neutral. Don't be neutral with your lip color.

No. 10

“Escape” by Absolution | $45

Whether on a road trip or simply sitting underneath a beach umbrella this book, presenting global sanctuaries to escape the day to day, will leave you even more in love with travel… And planning the next spot you'll run off to.

For more travel essential ideas, visit my complete list by clicking here.

Happy Shopping… and late summer/early fall Traveling!


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