One of the first ideas Lila had when brought on as Taigan‘s Travel Blogger was to share the stories of how Taigan’s vendors came to be – how they got started doing what they’re doing. The piece that follows is the back-story of Taigan vendor Beipiatti, the hand-crafted artisanal Italian glass, ceramic, and linen company. Keep your eyes peeled to Taigan Finds for more inspiring stories just like this. 


It’s the dream really, isn’t it? To retire early, buy a home in some far off delightful land, spend your days gardening and volunteering … or at the very least, simply just sitting back soaking in the views. And indeed that’s what Patricia “Pattie” and Richard “Rick” Bongiovanni planned to do. They are the owners of the fine Italian hand-crafted goods company Beipiatti. Pattie and Rick bought a home in northern Italy and had every intention of just tootling through a country they loved. Nothing more.

It didn’t take long before curiosity and an insatiable desire got the best of Pattie. With every new beautiful piece of art and fashion she stumbled upon, she knew she had to engage herself creatively. The local artisans’ acute attention to do one thing and do it extremely well was something that resonated deep within her. To Pattie, their art was something for her to not only appreciate but to share.

During a trip back to her home in Pennsylvania, Pattie brought some recently found pieces of pottery and glass. Reactions by friends and family were all the same: “Pattie, I’ve never seen anything like this! Where did you find these? This would be perfect in my kitchen!” It was at that point that Pattie started pulling things together in her mind – she resolved to find a way to make those pieces accessible to folks outside of the small artisanal shops in which they were made. She shared the idea with Rick, and he gave her his full support.

When she returned to Italy she immediately started scouring the area in search of those quality artisans creating what she had in her mind. The artists needed to be small enough to work with a start-up wholesaler, but large enough to handle the commitment of moving their goods across the Atlantic. Outside of Florence one afternoon, Pattie stumbled upon an artist’s showroom. She was immediately struck. Turning to Rick she said, “This is it.” She had found the right art, the right people; she formed relationships and started Beipiatti. Rick joined her as business partner. That was nearly four years ago.

Today Pattie & Rick have grown the business beyond wholesaling – the partnership with Taigan has solidified Beipiatti as a distributor of unique Italian home goods. The couple also owns & operates Beipiatti’s storefront on the outskirts of Philadelphia in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.  Pattie splits her time between Pennsylvania and Italy where she’s on the constant search for new items to add to Beipiatti’s coveted collection.

Since I can’t simply dangle these ceramic vases and glass bowls in front of you without giving you even more incentive to bring them into your home:

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