By now your social calendar is probably beginning to look a bit daunting. If you’re preparing for a huge influx of friends and family from out of town the most important thing to take care of, after securing a plentiful supply of the very best food and wine, is the guest bedroom. The least lived in room of your house is about to become very busy indeed, so heed our preparation tips…

  1. Set the ambiance with a scented candle. Cire Trudon’s Roi Soleil evokes the comforting fragrance of timber. “Roi Soleil” Cire Trudon Candle, $90.
  2. A sweet treat will cure any midnight snack cravings. Sucre Dark Chocolate Caramel Cookies, $8.
  3. Hang a wrap robe on the back of the door for languorous morning moments.  The Wrap Robe, $150.
  4. Bedding is key, so invest in down pillows worthy of a five star hotel. White Forest Down Pillows, $103.
  5. A little reading material won’t go amiss, but don’t pick anything too heavy-duty. Encyclopedia of the Exquisite is a stylish tome they can flip through at leisure. Encyclopedia of the Exquisite, $27.95.
  6. A guest book on the nightstand is always a great idea. By January 1st it will be brimming with heart-warming messages and memories. Leather Light Gray Faux Lizard Journal, $95.
  7. A water carafe will keep them hydrated, and such a thoughtful gesture will make them feel well cared for. Isabella Carafe Set, $125.
  8. Lastly, drape a classic herringbone throw across the foot of the bed in case they get chilly in the night. Herringbone Throw, $384.

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