Gervis Design Studio is the result of an interior designer who decided to turn herself into the client. By stocking home furnishings that she loves herself, owner Elyse Gervis has created a shop with a cohesive collection of items that show off her design aesthetic. We interviewed Elyse to learn more about starting Gervis Design Studio, choosing items for her shop, and the home consultations she offers for customers.


How did you decide to start Gervis Design Studio?

As an interior decorator I was sourcing beautiful and interesting furniture, accessories, artwork, lighting – all home furnishings. I decided I wanted to ‘be my own client’ and showcase what I would do if I could choose the items that really speak to me – a space I love.


Can you tell us a little about how you choose the items in your shop?

I really choose what I love; pieces that have a beautiful, interesting form, finish, color. I present new furniture vignettes in the shop in the Fall, and then weave the accessories into these groups – this is an ever-changing selection of home accessories. I love the combination of high/low; slick/organic; sophisticated/casual, and my buying for the shop reflects that.


You say you offer home consultations. Can you tell us more about this?

I do offer turnkey interior design services, as well as home consultations for customers in the area near my Boca Raton, Florida shop who are looking for some pieces to finish off a room or an area of their home: I will do a house visit to a customer’s home and bring accessories, pillows, art – items they need to complete a room or an area. Once I have placed them, they decide which pieces they would like to purchase.

1. Agate Bookends Pair, $115; 2. Landscape Photo Series #129, $495; 3. Salad Servers in Horn, $70; 4. Ivory Shagreen Bowl, 195; 5. Amethyst Silver Bead Pillow, $375; 6. Glass Sculpture on Stand, $340

Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Opening Gervis Design Studio was one of the harder, but also one of the most rewarding things I have ever done! I feel that if you follow your vision, and, while keeping yourself open to other people’s ideas, input and advice, you always follow what you truly believe, then you will be successful at what you do.


What do you see in the future for Gervis Design Studio?

We are working on expanding our online presence, and perhaps designing and manufacturing some private label home accessories.


Do you have one no fail tip for interior design?

Interior design is an art and not a science: there is a lot of behind the scenes work – and none of it works unless that all comes together. However, follow your instincts with regard to style and color and form – some of the biggest design risks I’ve taken have resulted in the very best results!

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