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On a Sunday afternoon, James Thomas Broyhill III was tinkering in the workshop attached to his home in Charlotte, North Carolina. An old Jack Daniels barrel sat amongst the sawdust, camouflage waders, shotgun shells and various bits of nostalgia. Curious to see how the wood staves fit together, James began hammering off the iron hoops from around the belly of that barrel. With the basic knowledge of woodworking taught to him by his grandfather, he constructed his first piece of furniture.


Why we chose Heritage Handcrafted:

As James perfected his craft he has added to the collection, which now includes chairs, benches, sinks, light fixtures and unique accessories, which all make for wonderful gifts. In addition, James recently introduced the use of Cabernet Sauvignon barrels for their distinct coloring and stain. While his craft pays homage to his bloodline, his authenticity and ingenuity are the soul of Heritage Handcrafted.



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