Jazz up your space! Summer is coming to a close, but the time to rearrange and energize the space you call home is now! Publications, bloggers and showcases are highlighting Taigan pieces that we know you’ll love. 

You’ve heard of the versitile Turkish-T bath towel, but did you ever think to use it as a table runner? This blog post shows you how to make the most of your Turkish-T purchase. 

Architectural Digest is taking notice of one of Anichini’s designers, Vincente Wolf.  He is a designer who is an “aesthetic enlivened by a wanderer’s spirit”–let Anichini’s designs brighten and enliven your living room.   In addition to having a featured designer, Anichini was also featured in the CALM Design Showcase for their clean lines, innovative structures and elegant beauty. 

Star Gazette’s article on Chicone Cabinet craftsmanship raves about Vincent Chicone’s handmade American cabinets.  Looking to redo that old stuffy kitchen? Look into Chicone cabinets for a truely beautiful craft that are unique and one-of-a-kind. Read the article about his amazing work here.

Turkish-T, Anichini and Chicone Cabinets provide customers with rare finds that utilize your creativity and personal style to combine ultimate looks of craftsmanship, quality and uniqueness. Get your pieces at Taigan for a fall make-over!

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