This month, we have several of Taigan‘s own fine food companies making waves and becoming noticed. Red Truck Bakery, Blackberry Farms, Callie’s Charleston Biscuits and Sallie’s Greatest are all companies that you’ll want to try before you die and go to sweet and savory heaven.

Red Truck Bakery was featured in a local Virginia newspaper, the Fauquier Times-Democrat, earlier this month for their part in a power company commercial. Talk about baked goods that pack a punch! Check out the photo and article below:

Michael Sullivan, butcher for the renowned Blackberry Farms, participated in Le Bon Appetit “Great Food for a Great Cause” charity event two weeks ago. Michael Sullivan and other fine chefs cooked meals that benefitted the pediatric wing of LeBonheur Hospital. Look at his fancy set up below:

Callie’s Biscuits was mentioned for it’s mouth-watering Pimento Cheese in the Hysterical Hostess Blog, a blog for tips on tear-free entertaining. Read the hilarious and insightful piece here where she discusses her favorite “Food Show Finds.”

Below, Baltimore’s online magazine, The Urbanite,  raves about Sallie’s Greatest southern jams. Not only are they great for toast but they pair perfectly with different cheeses or used as meat glazes.

From jams to cheeses to commercials to charity events, Taigan’s southern food finds are unique and delicious.  You’ve got to try this stuff, so buy your own taste of heaven at Taigan today!

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