Taigan today announced the launch of a new gift guide feature for our shoppers in preparation of the holiday season. This addition to our site will significantly help all our gift-stumped customers when they aren’t sure of what they would like to purchase for that special someone.

“Our shoppers visit Taigan specifically to find exquisite goods and products which cannot be found anywhere else,” said Taigan CEO, Elizabeth Nichols. “By adding this gift guide feature, we make it easier for our shoppers to find unique presents they never knew they wanted, and we deliver a more tailored shopping experience.”

All of Taigan’s current shopping categories (a highly edited collection of designers and artisans of exquisite, hard-to-find products in women's, men's and children's fashion, accessories, home décor, gourmet food products, sporting life and more) are represented in this new, user-friendly feature and as the holiday season rolls around, many more gift guides will be added.

Shoppers can also search for gifts by recipient, price range, product category, occasion and many more.

Gift guides can be found on Taigan’s home navigation under the “Shop By” tab.

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