As days begin to get shorter again with fall right around the corner, we are soaking up every last drop of summer possible outdoors in Charleston. I have my eye on key transitional pieces that layer and travel well. This collection, full of global-inspired fashion, is perfect for late summer road trips with friends. Similar to Brackish, the other brands I’m drawn to showcase artisanal craftsmanship and visual interest. Colorful patterns and prints make for some true statement pieces.


MC kinney bow tie

Brackish McKinney Bow Tie



lola hat

Lola Hat Stepper Hat


Fritz Orr Canoe Overnight/Dufflebag


Brackish Ravenwood Bow Tie


Pietro Double Monk Mens Shoe by Peter Nappi


Jungwon Men’s Rain M372


Brackish Plum Thicket Pin Highlands


Letarte Cashmere Border V Neck 

oyster bamboo

Beretta Wind Barrier Sweater by Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods


Kilim Throw by Turkish T


Caballo on Navy by Harding Lane 


Bold & Spicy Weekender by Charleston Bloody Mary Mix


Sf2 Moonphase Blue Dial with Nato Strap by Hook + Gaff


Braided Bucket Bag by Bone Feather 


Scarf Lambswool Cotton Mohair Teal Wallace Sewell by Imperio JP 


Wildlife & Walnut Custom Interchangeable Cufflinks


Henley Designs Leather Bluetooth Speaker from Absolution

res ipsa real

Res Ipsa Loafers 10 3


Molly Jane Amazonite Antler Necklace

flag day

Bird Dog Bay Linen Pocket Square

Taigan’s Business Developer, Barby White, shares the Taigan products she packed for her summer vacation to Spain!

barby spain 3

I am a travel ADDICT and anyone who knows me knows – just give me an hour and I will be packed and ready to go!  I love to see and do anything new!

Anyone who loves to travels has their “must-haves” that go first into the suitcase. These are the clothing/shoes/accessories that are the workhorses of both style and function, helping even the weary traveler feel fresh and chic and ready for the next adventure of the day.  The following items go with me wherever I go, because they can all do double duty in various ways.

barby spain 2


barby spain 9

Kate Skinny Cargo Pants. $225. 

My Anatomie pants- both white and black.  I NEVER leave home without these two pairs of pants- talk about workhorses!  With one in white and one in black, I’ve got every top/pair of shoes covered.  These pants do not wrinkle.  **A tip**- even when they do not look perfectly pressed, once you put them on, the fabric works with your shape and magically smooths out!  They dry super quickly if you need to hand wash them at the hotel- they will be dry in the morning.  They can literally do cocktail party to pounding the pavement in your flip-flops while you sight-see.  Most importantly- they are SUPER FLATTERING on everyone.  Enough said :-))

barby spain 10

Wrapped Up Hat. $245. 

Lola Hats.  Super chic and prevents sunburn- what more can you ask?

barby spain 1

Custom made. Other pieces available here. 

88 by Sandy Simonian necklace- one of several of her necklaces that I have.  The creamy color works with dark and light colors.

barby spain 5

Angel Wing Hoop Earrings. $1,580. 

Martha Ackerman earrings- stunning!  Can look edgy or elegant- I wear with both jeans and dresses.  They are a statement piece so you really don’t need to pair them with any other jewelry unless you want to.

barby spain 7

Grandeur Cuff. $285. 

Stephanie Kantis cuffs.  I adore these cuffs – the gold is such a lovely hue, brushed but not too much….a bit of shine but not too much!  The designer, Stephanie, told me to wear one on each wrist rather than stacked, for a very “Cleopatra” -esque vibe.  I of course took her advice, as I look so much like Cleopatra!  Ha!  But I do love that advice 🙂

barby spain 8

Sf2 Moonphase Silver Dial. $650. 

Nato Strap- Red. $25.

Hook & Gaff watch and extra watch band.  I wore this watch, switching up the bands, every day for 2 weeks straight on my recent trip to super HOT Spain, where we toured, hiked, swam and sweated our way through the country.  It’s indestructible and so fun- love the oversize watch look on ladies in summer, and the bands are colorful and just feminine enough to still be sporty.  Never have to worry about discoloration – of your wrist or the band.

barby spain 6

Custom Made. Other pieces available here. 

S. Carter necklace, shark tooth pendant, earrings. Always love S.Carter- creative and fun pieces- never fail to get compliments wherever I go on the interesting style and material of her designs.



bird dog bay

Bird Dog Bay was founded in 2006 by Steve Mayer, who remains the sole illustrator for all the brand’s designs and patterns. Approaching their tenth anniversary, Steve let us in on some of the inspiration behind their latest goods.

When illustrating this new collection in Vail, CO last summer, Steve hoped to introduce some new patriotic pieces. Always a fan of Americana, Steve knew going into 2016 would be a great year for it, with the presidential election, and the Olympic Games in Rio. After a customer asked for a cummerbund set that would fit thematically with a political fundraiser, Steve drew “Surprise Party” – perfect for such an event and detailed enough that it shows off individual stars in each of the flags! “Old Glory” and “National Anthem” feature a slightly more traditional take, and their navy coloration ensures great versatility, something Steve thought fans would appreciate from Rio to Richmond. Lastly, “Dogs Love America” started off as a quick sketch on the back of a napkin at a dog friendly bar in Vail, and turned into one of our best sellers of all time. We hope you enjoy looking at these patterns as much as Steve did creating them! GO USA!



Dogs Love America Lounge Pants. $58. 

A salute to two of Steve’s favorite things – America and dogs – Dogs Love America is excellent no matter the season or reason! Showcasing a patriotic pup with Old Glory in tow, this is a guaranteed way to put a little patriotism on display. Wave it wide and high!


old glory

Old Glory Socks. $28. 

The next generation of our best-selling socks is here! We hold these socks to be self-evident of unparalleled comfort and style. This step-and-repeat pattern enables you to show off your patriotic pride from any angle, and the navy color allows for the ultimate in versatility with different colored pants.

national anthe,

National Anthem Men’s Necktie. $85. 

Perfect for knotting up with a firework in one hand and a cold one in the other. Go USA!

While silk neckwear has been our bread and butter for years, we’re always looking to grow using the best materials possible. Composed of 45% linen and 55% cotton, this blend ensures the tie holds its hand and knot beautifully, all while featuring a lovely embroidered motif at mid-chest.


Sporting Boxers. $28. 

Our comfortable traditional fit boxer are made from high “calibur” pure cotton and feature a one-piece back contouring to the body for comfort. The covered elastic waistband is made for added softness and comfort. All of our boxer shorts are pre-loaded in our custom gift boxes. One boxer short per order. Other colors available.


America! Socks. $24. 

Show off the stars and stripes wherever you go. Perfect for the 4th of July, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, but really any day of the year! They are 70% Peruvian Pima Cotton, 29% Nylon, 1% Spandex. One size fits most.

american labs

American Labs: Cufflinks. $75.

A fresh take on an old classic of ours, these patriotic pups are sure to please. Featuring a Black Lab carrying Old Glory, this is perfect for July when the air is hot and the drinks are cold. Our silk cufflinks are hand made in Chicago and use our 18 momme, 100% silk.

American key chain

America Key Chain. $16.

They’re coming to America, TODAY! 98% of Neil Diamond fans love this key chain.

–Words by Bird Dog Bay

Below is an exclusive “Behind the Scenes” image of Steve in the drawing process of his newest Fall design:


Every summer in August or September, Steve and Gus the Dog pack up Steve’s trusty old Tahoe and head west to Vail, Colorado for a few weeks. Steve spent summers in Vail as a kid, and it’s a town near and dear to his heart. Outside of fostering his love for the great outdoors, the town has also provided Steve with a great source of inspiration over the years. “Bear Necessities” is a perfect example of that, having been influenced by a sculpture in town.


steve sketching

 Bear Necessities Necktie. $85. 

Well Placed Smile

The Well Placed Smile Facility- Nashville, TN 

“Be where your feet are.” What a short, yet powerful statement. This is almost impossible to do with everything going on in our lives on a daily basis. Our minds are constantly wandering off to what we have to do next year, next month, or even in the next hour. But think about how much more you could get out of life and how much stronger your relationships would be if you could, “slow up,” and live in the current moment.

Well Placed Smile is a new facility in Nashville that organizes workshops and conferences with the sole purpose of making guests leave feeling happier, healthier, and more inspired. It is now a “shop” on Taigan and customers are able to purchase tickets to upcoming events. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop led by Dr. Kevin Elko, a Corporate Consultant and Sports Psychologist to Head Coach Nick Saban and the Alabama Football Team. The first line of the event description stated, “Despite the fact that we are busier than ever as a society, people have never before reported feeling lonelier, unhappier, and more isolated.” He called this, “Extroverted Loneliness.” I was intrigued.

Dr. Elko explained when people truly “connect” they feel as if the other person “sees them as a person.” In other words, you are indirectly saying, “I believe what you are saying is important and I understand what you are thinking and feeling.”  It is crucial that we connect with everyone we encounter throughout our lives whether it be our boss, child, spouse, teammate, etc, because, “it is not until we understand others that we can be understood.” In the end, we all desire to be loved and to relate to others around us.

He has worked a lot with couples and emphasized how the majority of failed marriages he encounters has to do with one spouse, or both, not recognizing the need to “listen and notice.” Cell phones are a huge barrier to connecting with others because people are glued to them in a moment when they could be having a productive conversation. I immediately thought back to my days in college when I would step on the bus and every student was clenching onto their phones for dear life. It would have been considered “weird” if you tried to strike up a conversation with the stranger next to you.

Dr. Elko ended the conference with stressing the importance of Thank You notes. People who write Thank You notes on a weekly basis are statistically happier because they force you to think about why and what you are thankful for. They serve as a way to make someone else feel good, this in turn, making you feel good. The more specific you can be in your note in really describing why you had a valuable experience or why you loved that gift so much, the better.

Be conscious of the environment around you in a given moment; the people, the scenery, the opportunity. This is what Dr. Elko meant when he started off the discussion with the phrase, “slow up.” Ever since I heard these quotes, I have made more of an effort to appreciate the little things in life. The next event is a yoga workshop this Wednesday, August 10th, with Emmy Singer, the founder of Inner Light Yoga Nashville.

Dr. Elko at Well Placed

Dr. Elko Speaking at Well Placed Smile


Dr. Kevin Elko



Back-To-School Essentials

Shops July 28th, 2016 — by:

Summer vacation is coming to an end and it’s time to return to the classroom! Grab your supplies and stand out this year with these eye-catching and practical products!

laptop desk

Keep your lap cool with this mobile laptop desk. 3 Form mouse pad on right or left (inquire about color availability). There is a spot to place a pen and your phone with accommodations for your charger. What else can you ask for! Laptop Air Desk, $170. 


Take notes a different way this year! This Chalkboard Notepad can be used with chalk, chalk pen, and Absolution’s Chalkboard Pencil for a unique take on standard notepads. Pad of 50 tear-off sheets. $10.



Just in case you forget which month you are in, these colorful pencils by Karen Adams can help! Each have gold foil lettering with the twelve months of the year. $12.


A pretty and practical pencil pouch by Diane James Home! It is made of lovely faux leather and has a gold zipper. $20.


These Peanut Butter Chocolate cookies are the perfect treat to stick in a lunch box! Chock-full of rich chocolate chips and roasted peanuts, enjoy Grey Ghost Bakery’s tasty twist on the traditional peanut butter cookie. Great solo or even better served with a tall glass of cold milk. Other flavors available, $12.


Stand out from the crowd with this bold Moulin Roty backpack from Little Citizens Boutique! Take it to school, playgroup or for a sleepover with granny and grandad! $53.



The length of this adorable case from Lolo Bag is perfect for pens, markers, colored pencils, etc! $28.


Luxury is sometimes a necessity if it’s an excuse to carry your iPad in a divine Pebble Grain Leather case by Imperio JP. Guarantee they have your school colors! On sale. $192.

Christmas in July

Gifts July 27th, 2016 — by:

We know it’s only July, but get a jump start on some “cooler” finds for the holidays by letting us help you with some of our current favorite picks  —

Val Vest

Family ski trip planned for the holidays or simply love the look?  We are thrilled to introduce Skea Limited as one of our newest shops on Taigan. Ski clothes can be expensive but this line offers quality coats and vests at a great price. We were fortunate enough to have them preview their line at the last trunk show and shoppers were very impressed! This Val Vest is available in Black, Ivory, or Taupe. $298.00.

silk pillow case

We know how hard it is to get out of bed in the winter. Let us make it harder by recommending the Slip Silk Pillow Case from Absolution. Sweet Dreams! Other colors and sizes available.$99.


One of the classic New Years Resolutions is “to get organized.” These adorable cosmetic bags by Lolo Bag are perfect to stow your make up or can be used as a clutch! Check out all of the variations in their shop. $35.

Caballo Navy_1

We are loving this new belt from Harding Lane! It is 100% handmade, full grain dark brown leather with a brass buckle. $125.


Deviled Eggs are a staple dish at my house during the holidays. This Hot Pink Mayo by Victoria Amory will ignite your taste buds! Set of 3.$24.

optic pitcher

This hand-blown glass Optic pitcher by Orbix Hot Glass features a unique ribbed design, a clear lip wrap and blown handle. It is almost too beautiful to use! More colors and styles available. $245.00.


Melina’s Gourmet Food as the best vinaigrettes, oils, and vinegars on the market! They can be purchased individually or in gift sets. Amphora Olive Oil Two Bottle Gift Set, 8.05 Oz each. $70. 


“Watches Made for the Water.” The Outdoorsman in your life will love it! SF2 Moonphase Blue Dial With Nato Strap Watch, $650.  Hook & Gaff. 



House your iPad in this periwinkle, ostrich case! Designer, Dea Rosa, promises your friends will want to buy one after they see yours! On sale. $295.00.


Celebrate Good Times! This Celebration Box by Heritage Handcrafted is truly “one of a kind” and is the perfect gift for holiday, birthday, or wedding. Inquire for Personalization (included in purchase). $250.