We have long been fans of Leontine Linens and its visionary founder Jane Scott Hodges. Now, with LINENS: For Every Room and Occasion, she has produced a book as gorgeous as her wares, but also as useful. She shows you how to mix old and new and freshen with pattern, how monograms can take a table top or bedroom to the next level, how to store and care for linen treasures. Her talented friends weigh in too: Charlotte Moss wrote the intro; Nathan Turner creates a swell tablescape, fashion designers Badgley and Mischka invite us in to their handsome country house bedroom. Many more designers—devotees all—weigh in, but it is Hodges’s own passion for her subject that carries the day. LINENS is a for keeps book—one that will make you want to start your own linen traditions, for keeps too. In honor of its publication, we asked the stylish, Scott, who is also an on-the-go wife and mom to a son and daughter, to shop Taigan. Below are her picks and comments:
This gorgeous little compact by Chantecaille is the perfect cheat sheet to The Fresh Face for Spring.
Calm NYC’s pink caftan screams Rum and Tonic in the Garden on a lazy summer Saturday.
Any ensemble would get a quick dash of Flash from this divine mauve teardrop venetian glass intaglio pendant by Elizabeth Locke.
The New Flower fingertip towel in a sunny shade of lemon is a happy update to the powder room for Spring and Summer.
I love the deep saturated color of these antique ox blood jars. The pair adds perfect balance to a side table or book shelf.
These wipeable placemats are instant carefree chic for your family dinner table in a classic Imari pattern.
My go-to hostess gift is a beautifully wrapped box of pristinely pastel macaroons from Sucre in New Orleans. Each one is a bite (or two) of absolute divinity!
I cannot leave the house without my JC Cuff. I would love another to rotate in my wardrobe. This is THE Statement piece that works with everything from with jeans to a ball gown!
I’m always trying to keep my teenagers in line! Maybe this book would help…
ALWAYS, ALWAYS a CS lamp to light the room. I love the deep claret color and the elegant lean shape of the Sophie lamp.
If I considered this activity, the Kiwi Longboard skateboard would be my choice of wheels!
These hand-loomed Tunisian towels add a touch of sophistication to your next beach outing or picnic. They are even chic enough to be used as a shawl!
A crisp white shirt is a necessity as a season opener and this one is KILLER.
If you have to write it down so you don’t forget, you might as well do it in a stylish notebook.

A Guide to Marrakech.

Travel April 7th, 2014 — by:

As a travel consultant, for me personally there’s not really a line between a business trip and a leisure trip. I always mix the two. And encourage my business clients to do the same. Whether in the form of luxurious accommodation, or flying in early / staying after the business bit to explore. A recent business trip took me to Marrakech, a city I’d long wanted to see. So I took the opportunity to fly in several days before my meetings kicked off. I hired a private guide to get the lay of the land my first day, visited the sights then indulged in a traditional hammam (ok, 2 traditional hammams..), took a cooking class, mastered the souks, bought a rug, sat in the corner of the old square for half a day just to take photographs, and ate my weight in tagine. I’m sure the week of work would have been productive without my mini-vacation on the front end, but I sure was more inspired, relaxed, with not a bit of jetlag to speak of. So if you have the ability, definitely mix some leisure into your next business trip.







Below are my best recommendations when visiting the sexy city of Marrakech, and I do recommend visiting the sexy city of Marrakech at least once! One thing worth noting is that there are 3 distinct areas to Marrakech – the traditional medina, the more cosmo new town, and then the outskirts. I recommend mixing your stay – spend a few nights in the medina, then head out to one of the opulent hotels on the fringes of town. This will give you a complete flavor for the place.


Riad Tamila + Selman

Tamila is a traditional riad tucked deep within the medina. I love it because it’s quiet, and as authentic as it gets. Plus the food served there is the best I’d eaten in all of Marrakech.

Selman’s horse stables and villas with private pools sold me.

My Top 5 Must-Do List

  1. Arrange for a private guide, You do not want to tackle the souks without insider knowledge to the best vendors/where & what to eat.
  2. It’s touristy as all get-out, but ride a camel.
  3. Take an organic cooking class with a local tribe in the Atlas Mountains.
  4. Throw modesty to the wind and indulge in a traditional hammam.
  5. If you buy only one thing, make it a rug.

When it comes to dressing for a day in the medina, comfortable shoes and sunglasses are musts. Opt for maxi dresses with a little covering the shoulder or linen pants with a comfortable tissue tee. Go low on the jewelry, and definitely bring a great cross-body bag. Marrakech is a casual city, you’ll stand-out if you’re decked-out. You’ll have more flexibility with your modern wardrobe at the newer resorts on the outskirts of town, but out of respect for the culture, go for more conservative choices when in the traditional medina.


Rockstar Biker Twill Skinny Pants by Beige | $161.70


Tissue Tee by Claridge + King | $34


Slip Cinch Belt by Wiley Brothers | $120


Coral Cuff by Christina Jervey | $330


Sunglasses by AJ Morgan | $18


Anna Cross-Body Bag by Waltzing Matilda | $195

Happy Travels!


*This is me & Aziz, the owner of the rug shop where I found the absolute perfect rug for my home.

Lila Fox is owner of New Orleans-based Constant Tourist Travel, a travel consultancy catering to the discerning traveler worldwide. For more information about planning your trip to Morocco contact Lila at lila@smartflyer.com.

Destination Round Hill

Travel March 31st, 2014 — by:


“Home is where the heart is” and while my home is Nashville (Tennessee) there will always be a special place in my heart for Round Hill (Jamaica, W.I.).

After more than 40 visits to Round Hill since 1983, I am going back for the first time in 7 years. I am going back in time, literally and figuratively (as WIFI and Verizon are sketchy there, at best).

I am already dreaming about  “Chubby’s” banana pancakes, and the smell of the bonfire that roars on the beach each Monday night; and I can’t wait to go to sleep to music by Harry Bellafonte or Bob Marley or the local tree frogs. I am hoping that the afternoon games of Outburst or Taboo with new friends and fellow “bar flies” at the beach bar still take place. And I know that the sunset will still be the best on earth!

Round Hill is where I frequently saw Ralph and Rikki Lauren, tanned and toned, he, always dressed in a black speedo and “wife-beater” and she, in a black one piece. I remember watching Sigourney Weaver come out of the ocean on the small beach, looking as beautiful as ever, after a rigorous swim. And it feels like yesterday that I was sitting next to Meredith Vieira just after she learned that she had been chosen as the co-anchor of the TODAY show on NBC!!! I wonder WHO will be there next week?

So, as I pack (or more typically, over-pack) my bags, I know that my Taigan favorites will be just “what the doctor ordered” for the perfect holiday, along with Stewart’s Round Hill Special, made with Appleton rum, of course!!!

Elizabeth’s Beach Tote.
Canvas Tote, Turkish-T Towel, Leather Sandal, Lightweight Wrap, Pearl Lariat, Sun Protection Primer

 See more of what’s in Elizabeth’s Bag.

Southern born and raised, it was a mutual love and passion for the rich culture and unique characters that call the South home that brought Whitney Long and Cheri Leavy together to create “the virtual front porch of the South.” With The Southern Coterie, Whitney and Cheri hatched a plan to create an online space about the people, places and things that inspire them. From country music to comfort food, fashion to football, they quickly realized a common denominator among their interests—the South. Recognizing the need for a platform where southern voices could be heard and creatives could connect, the social network of the South was born. Whether searching for the hottest restaurant opening, finding the perfect spot for a seaside wedding, or sharing grandma’s famous pimento cheese recipe, The Southern Coterie is the virtual version of a traditional front porch—a gathering place to learn, share and communicate. 

Whitney and Cheri shop Taigan for great summer & southern finds.

Whitney’s Picks
In our house, summer is the BEST time of the year! With four children, the school year is a time of structure, schedules, homework, tests and activities. Once the bell has rung on last day, routine and rules that apply during the school year are put aside (for the most part) and we officially kick off summer. We hide the datebook, put away the backpacks, play all day, go to sleep late and wake up late… fun!

Poolside or beachside is where you will most often find my active bunch. We are blessed to live at the beach so it becomes our playground during the long, glorious days of summer. The saddest part is how fast summer flies by!

Turkish-T Beach Towels
Pretty and practical for the pool or beach.

Classic ribbon belts are a Southern summer staple.

Beach Poncho
Look chic and be comfy while lounging poolside.

A mom of four needs a Beach Tote, not a beach bag.

For the beach bag, read Julia Reed’s Book while sipping sangria.

 Turquoise and Gold Cuff against tan skin – great combo and accessory that works with summer wardrobes!

 Stylish Shades
Great shape for protection from the sun in a fun color for summer.

Crisp Gingham Shirt for the hubby. Perfect for the 4th of July or a backyard BBQ.

Boys Polos in Summer Colors
For the above mentioned hubby’s three sons, color coordinate them all for a great photo op (I see Christmas card potential!)

Nine Holes Anywhere
Backyard fun for the long summer days.

Bonfires at the beach or lakeside.

Let their imaginations run wild in the summer with this Teepee. Great for an afternoon game or reading and rest.

When it’s too hot to go outside, and you know what I mean if you live in the deep South, bring summer inside with these fun Silk Ikat Pillows in vibrant colors.

For long, lazy weekends start the day with a Bloody Mary.

Fun napkin for a sunset cocktail.

Hot, Southern summer… a sweet way to cool off.

Cheri’s Picks
Cheri thought it would be fun to curate a collection of her favorite Southern finds from Taigan shops. Most of the items were made in the South and a few were found in hip Southern shops. In her typical “people person” way, she spotlights some of the personalities behind the brands she selected.


I always tell my Thomasville friends Margaret and Putt Weatherbee, the purveyors of Schermer Pecans, that the ultimate dessert is a glass of red wine and two of their chocolate covered pecans, ok maybe three.

I recently attended the oh-so-fabulous Thomasville Antiques Show and one day for lunch I enjoyed the Taste of Thomasville Cheese Platter (Thomasville Tomme, Asher Blue and Green Hill) with Blackberry Patch strawberry fig preserves, pecans, honey and a glass of a spicy Syrah. My kind of lunch plus the pimento cheese is to die for!

I enjoyed meeting Molly at The Southern C Summit in Nashville. Her designs are very chic especially this piece, The Love Knot Chain Necklace, that can be worn numerous ways.


I have admired Anne-Marie Varnell’s ability to vet the latest trends and find the up and coming designers for her shop, Cicada.   Hotty Toddy, have you ever seen an Ole Miss Rebel Belle that wasn’t well dressed? She knows how to wardrobe and keeps me happy with Great Blazers and the latest Rag & Bone bootie.

This Old Try tee is too much fun, “To Dixie with Love.” Old Try has a great story. The husband and wife artisans have created a company based on creating items that connect us to home, the South.

I love my “Cheri and Vance Leavy” Notepad from Lettered Olive and I leave it out on a desk in a hallway. My husband is scared to use it because he knows it is special and suspects it is part of the desk decor. Use it- I can get another!

I love the small version Cocktail Ham Biscuits from Callie’s Charleston Biscuits. I have called Carrie and her team in a panic to ship me a few dozen the week of a cocktail party so I can have some last minute ease and still appear homemade. People gobble this Southern party staple up!

These Peter Nappi Carina Booties in camel are perfect to transition into spring! I love the craftsmanship of any leathergood from Peter Nappi.

I adore this Palm Beachy Lacquer Bar Cart from my favorite bon vivant Jonathan Savage’s shop. Let’s take it poolside for a party and serve Southern Living Honeysuckle Watermelon Cocktails from it this spring. 

I either use a beautiful linen cocktail napkin or a a paper one with a funny on it. This is the best of both worlds with these hand Embroidered Linen Cocktail Napkins with whimsical images and jokes. LOVE!

Eighth generation from the Golden Isles of Georgia, I proudly use shells in my decor. I love this authentic Mussel Shell Lamp – so chic.

What’s not to love about Jules Reid? She is a southern belle that creates a fun bohemian line for us beach bound gals and she gives 10% of all her profits to single mother charities through JR GIVES. This could be my go to Cover Up this spring and summer.

Gena just gave me a copy of her Latest Cookbook and we have enjoyed several recipes already such as the Pecan Horseradish Stuffed Trout and the Hearts of Palm Salad. Her recipes are always successful and she has such a good updated spin on traditional Southern cuisine.

Two years ago I discovered Parasol and it totally changed my summer!  I have always stayed out of the sun.  Which means that doing things outside becomes very limited and can be, well, a little boring at times. A friend of mine used to say frequently  “no sun, no fun” I think as a reminder of how un fun I was to be with during the warmer months. A day at the beach was usually a short day, quick swims and elaborate cover up for beach walks and just hanging out. I used lots of sunblock, a hat, and an umbrella but  never really felt I had enough protection. Two friends of mine started Parasol and I bought one of their cute blue and white stripe shirts, at first just to be supportive. My sister also bought a few things as she was chasing after her 2 year old son all day long.  He had discovered the beach and the water that summer and could not be pulled away.


My nephew in his Parasol swim shirt


My sister in her Parasol swim shirt


I loved the way it looked on my sister and thought how fantastic, fashion and function.  That same summer was to be my “try paddle boarding” summer. How to avoid being burnt to a crisp? I had no idea how to protect myself from both sun AND reflection, a double whammy. Deciding to try it anyway, I brought my Parasol shirt along on my first voyage out at sea, to cover up and try it out. It was such a success that I ended up wearing it all summer. Suddenly I could be active with just a simple shirt and wore it on bike rides, walks and long swims. Never burning or feeling over sunned I could do things as long as I liked, things I was never really able to do before. It was a a whole new world for me and a very fun summer. That September I became a partner and creative director for the brand. I still wear my shirts (and hat and umbrella and sunblock) every day and love how easy it is to be safe in the sun.  My sister and her son wear theirs every day as well…we added boys shirts for my partner’s children and my nephew!

So while you prepare for the warm summer days coming up, be sure to try out Parasol!

Until next time, have a great week,

Fernanda Niven

The April 2014 issue of House Beautiful is out on newsstands everywhere and guess who is featured?? Taigan CEO Elizabeth Nichols herself! In this month’s issue, Nichols shows the world her bathroom vanity and it is quite a gorgeous view (no pun intended).

See below her favorite products and collectibles – among these are a combination of gorgeous heirlooms and also fun Bobbi Brown lip glosses. But the beauty of all this is that everything can be purchased in one place, online, on Taigan. And that is precisely what is so special about our site.

April 2014 issue of House Beautiful Magazine feature Taigan CEO Elizabeth Nichols’ bathroom vanity!


Full page story on Elizabeth Nichols’ bathroom vanity in House Beautiful Magazine!


So be sure to get your copy now and read all about why she loves the things she does. And while you’re at it, shop now for all her fun beauty products and vanity accessories!