Lunch Box Upgrade

Food & Drink August 3rd, 2015 — by:

Be the envy of the cafeteria with these yummy lunch upgrades. Or stock up for after school snacks and you’ll be the mom of the year!

Big Little Fudge makes individually wrapped fudge bites with loads of attitude. No ‘mamby pamby’ ribbons and bows here, this one packs a whole mess of yum and no fuss.

Grey Ghost Bakery’s individually packaged cookies are perfect for your little one’s lunch box. Plus there are two in a package, which means one to share. Instant popularity!

PB&J can be such a bore. Thankfully Sallie’s Greatest has given us some exciting jam options like Strawberry + Basil… it’s so yummy that we may leave the PB off the sandwich altogether.

Why on earth would you buy oreos when you can buy Cocoa & Cream Cookies? The picture alone is making our mouths water…

For the sophisticated palate we have ketchup with a twist! Victoria Amory’s gourmet flavors include Smoky BBQ, Sherry and Champagne Ketchup.

For the teacher’s pet what could be better than one of Chucklet and Honey’s chalkboard gift sets? You can personalize the message and share with the class.


Back It Up

Fashion August 3rd, 2015 — by:

From slouchy to sleek, we’ve got backpacks for every style.

Shosh’s waxed linen backpack has a relaxed vibe that gives off a cool girl air. Perfect for a fresh start.

We love just about anything Fairchild Baldwin does and their Rucksack is no exception. It’s shown here in black, but we also love the winter white.

Filson’s tin cloth backpack  is great for the guy– or girl– on the go. It includes a snap-out tablet case and is waterproof. What more could you want?

For the person who stays in motion, the unisex 49 Square Miles Canvas Backpack is the thing to own. Haul your work, school, play, gym or kids’ stuff and use it as a small overnight bag. There are possibilities galore!

This leather backpack in indigo has loads of style. The washed leather has a rich texture that really “makes” the look.

And last, but certainly not least, something for the littlest ones. This elephant backpack is great for school, playgroup or for a sleepover with granny and grandad!


Fashion July 27th, 2015 — by:

We’ve had the fringe bug for a while now, but the tipping point was when Charleston Shop Curator featured Imperio JP’s green crossbody bag. Sold!

House of Lavande’s Shell Fringe Collar is the kind of statement piece that every wardrobe requires. We’re obsesses with the Tiger’s Eye accents.

The Rada Clutch features a gilded steel closure that was hand-chiseled in a family-run atélier in Haiti. It also has an ingenious secret wrist strap that can be pulled out to wear the bag as a wristlet or retracted into the clutch for a handheld look.

Alane Weissman’s stretch bangles look great en masse. The chunky beads offset the delicate chain fringe perfectly.

Diamond and leather fringe? Yes, please.  S. Carter does it again with this sleek vertebrae necklace.

And finally, the silver El Fleco. We want to wear this one salsa dancing just so we can see it move.


These triangles, octagons and circles will have you brushing up on your math skills before school starts.

These hexagonal studs are great for every day wear. The petite size and style is actually perfect for a student or a minimalist.

These triangular boxes are beautiful alone, but really stand out as a group. The colors are bright and perfect for brightening up a drab desk.

Sometimes circular logic pays off – like in these brightly colored button cufflinks. The circles within circles within circles complete this look with a mix of fun color and upstyled detail.

We love these quirky little limoges trays from the always chic Found for the Home.

The Gossip Earrings from Goshwara feature a stunning set of octagons. We love that they are set on the diagonal for an unusual impact.

This pillow features it all. We love the mashup of circles and rectangles paired with a warm color palette.

World’s Best BLT

Food & Drink July 20th, 2015 — by:

With tomatoes in high season, we’ve been eating them at just about every meal. Of course one of the more classic recipes that keeps us coming back for more is the BLT. Our preference is to serve them up on a toasted sourdough with butter lettuce and a ripe heirloom or two, but the secret is in the sauce… or in this case, the mayo.  Set your BLT apart by slathering it with a Fine Herb or Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise from Victoria Amory and you’ll be saying Hellman who?

She Sells Sea Shells

Shops July 10th, 2015 — by:

Shells to wear and to embellish your home…

House of Lavande does it again with this incredibly chic Edwardian necklace.

This Rococo shell mirror is as much of a work of art as a functional piece. We love the design and texture.

This orchid shell necklace is also bursting with texture. We love the organic feel and the fact that each piece is one-of-a-kind.

This ice bucket belongs in your beach house. It will make your happy hour that much happier.

Shells were once used as a form of currency, which means this bracelet is basically made of leather, diamonds, pearls and money.

These preppy needlepoint loafers are summer staples. The shell and blue coral pattern is simply to die for.