Pecans are in Putt Wetherbee’s blood. His father, a pecan grower since 1959, purchased Schermer Pecans in 1977 and with it became the owner of one of the largest pecan companies in Georgia. Days spent alongside his father atop one of Georgia’s only two mechanized harvestors, a four year-old Putt was fascinated by the pecan business from this tender age.  Shelling gadgets and gizmos were eye-candy and Putt relished the camaraderie that came with harvest time and in the everyday inter-workings of the Schermer Pecan shelling plant. Now at 42 and having taken over the family business, Putt is still inspired by pecans – from watching the buds break in April to harnessing the latest in technology and managing the increased world demand.

Putt resides in Thomasville, GA with his wife and children but can often be found traversing the Georgia orchards with his dogs, calculating the crop set and munching on salted pecans.

Putt put together some of his favorite picks for Father’s Day Gifts.

As a father of three girls, I’m used to getting lots of awesome art projects and colorful ties for Father’s Day.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything but a few suggestions never hurt right?

If they are going to buy me brightly colored knickers – let them represent one of my favorite pastimes

I have a favorite rod but twist my arm.  It wouldn’t hurt to give this one a try.

Father’s day breakfast in bed, if you are serving these bacon biscuits, then yes please.

This is a sharp looking iPhone Case.

The gift that keeps on giving…this boat is fun for me and the whole family.

To heck with father’s day – I want to eat this cheese everyday! Luckily I live in Thomasville so that’s a possibility.

Ahh fatherhood… The love of my daughters and nights at home with them, a good drink and the smell of wild salmon on the grill.

What is not to love about this. Pecans with just about anything is delicious and this bourbon and pecan gelato is a match made in heaven.

The Southerner’s Handbook is guide to living the good life – count me in!

Any dad of girls needs advice…lots of it. Try this book by Tom Limbert for some added wisdom.

Handsome looking briefcase…just like my new truck.

Nothing like a little paddle ball after dinner in the evenings.

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