Since 2008, Jeremy Blume and Rob Forrester have co-developed Bearings, a digital lifestyle guide that tells the stories of those who are making culture more intriguing, enriching and rewarding. In 2012, their team launched the Bearings Shop which offers their original, hand-drawn illustrations – each letterpress print, screen print and wood engraving crafted in America.

The Bearings Collection
Our 20 items represent a variety of personal styles, but are all anchored in the Bearings ethos of quality, meaning, adventure and enrichment.



Money Clip
We like to travel light and just carry the essentials. This Sterling Money Clip from Corzine and Co forces you to choose only what you need. Plus, front pocket storage is safer.



Hardy Brook Bag 

Fly-fishing is a favorite pastime, but we don’t like bulky, traditional gear-vests. A small bag with flies, tippet, tools and a snack is all that’s needed for a day on the water, and Hardy is a godfather in the sport.



Charlie Trotter Meat & Game Book
Every outdoorsman needs to know how to properly prepare his take. Trotter is a renown chef, which helps ensure the finished product is feast worthy.




Charleston Bloody Mary
There’s nothing like a cold bloody mary on a sunny morning, but gone are the days of having to settle for bad generic mixes. Better ingredients make better drinks.




Adirondack Chair & Ottoman
The ideal chair for the lake or back porch, the Adirondack provides a generous recline, while still allowing you to take in the view. And James Broyhill II comes from a strong heritage in woodworking.




Work Style Wrought Steel Fire Pit
Winter or summer, beach, lake, ranch or backyard, a fire pit draws people together to share stories and build memories; an important part of the Bearings ethos.


Billy Pate Bonefish Reel
The story behind these reels is inspiring, which makes the product that much more special.


Oyster Signature Series Bamboo Fly Rod
The pinnacle for every fly-fisherman is a hand-made bamboo rod. They are an investment, but it will be a functional piece that you can pass down for generations.




Filson Leather Journal
It’s important to keep track of your adventures somewhere, and there’s something incomparable about writing in a journal. Filson is the gold standard in classic outdoor gear.




Whiskey Shaving Set
A little bit of luxury in your own bathroom – you don’t know how good a shave can feel until you’ve lathered up with a brush.




Laguiole Corkscrew 
The French know their wines, so it’s no surprise that they also make some of the best corkscrews. Beautiful and functional, Laguiole are the choice of oenophiles and sommeliers the world over.



Shark Tooth Cruiser Skateboard

Nashville’s skateboard shop will give you a well-crafted way to get around in vintage style and it supports mentoring urban youth.



Julius Boot
We bought our first pair of Peter Nappi boots when the brand launched in 2011 and have literally worn them around the world. The italian craftsmanship is superb.



Olympic Salami Trio
Charcuterie is always great to have around the home for unexpected guests or to enjoy with wine while cooking dinner with your significant other.



Persol Sunglasses
With summer approaching, a quality pair of sunglasses is essential. Persol – an Italian maker since 1917 –  has been one of our favorites for years.


Veteran and Vintage Motor Cycles (1961)
Collecting vintage books is like owning pieces of history. In this case, it’s a glimpse into the styles of motorcycles that cruised the roads before 1961.


Mackinaw Blanket

Beyond being useful in winter, the hefty Filson Mackinaw can be a canvas for your nights on the beach or a throw for a cool summer evening in the mountains. It’s a staple for your trunk regardless of season.



Troll Creek Shiraz Barossa (2003)
There are many reasons why Australia is one of our favorite travel destinations and shiraz from the Barossa Valley is certainly one of them.


Nature is one of the best presenters of one-of-a kind art. These functional and beautiful bookends will turn a shelf into a showpiece.


Olive Wood Cutting Board
This cutting board is handsome enough to leave out on the counter, durable enough to be a kitchen workhorse and the wood is soft enough to not dull a good knife.


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