Back in the early aughts, Jessie Randall had a problem. She couldn’t find a shoe she liked –something feminine but understated, and above all comfortable. So she did like any other enterprising creative person and launched her own line. Her designs have clearly resonated – almost ten years later they are sold through over 200 retailers (including Taigan’s own Sabot) and she’s picked up a prestigious CFDA accessories award along the way. It’s not only that LR has satisfied a void in the market – more so, they’ve become the shoe of a generation  (Ask around and you’ll see.) Randall, who’s also a mother of three young boys with husband and LR partner Brian Murphy, shares some of the brains behind the brand:

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Feminine, playful, and wearable. I don’t follow trends; I design for the real girl and then obsess over every detail.

Do you have a favorite shoe in your collection? 

I live in our booties. I love the Ella for a heel and the Fitz or Felix booties for a flat.

Your designs really resonate with women consumers — to that end, what are some of things you’re thinking about or inspired by when you’re creating a collection?

I always start a collection thinking about what I want in my own closet and then pull images and inspiration from everywhere – the places I visit, the crafts I do, or things I find beautiful. From there, a cohesive idea of inspiration starts to take shape.

Your shoes are so comfortable! How do you achieve that perfect fit when you’re designing? 

Comfort is extremely important to me and we’re very strict with our fit process. Our customer lives a full life where she needs to be able to move.

Was there a moment after you’d started your business in which you knew it was really going to succeed?

Bergdorf Goodman picking up the line in our very first season was a promising moment.

It seems like you love the home world and entertaining — you’ve been featured in Domino and Martha Stewart Living. Do you have any decorating and/or party-throwing advice?

I love to throw parties, especially for little kids. Personalized touches and unexpected elements make the best statement.

Besides your own line, what are some of your personal favorites?

I love Acne and Zara.

What can we expect to see from Loeffler Randall coming down the pipeline?

We’ve recognized our strengths through learning so much about the Loeffler Randall girl. We’re focusing on that more than ever before when designing our collections.

Shop Jessie’s favorite finds below!

Bunny Night Light – My son is obsessed with bunnies and would love this.

Peter Elliot Blue Rainboots – My boys live in these boots.

Felt Pens – We always have a big cup of markers on our kitchen table so the kids can draw whenever they want.

Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwich – I served ice cream sandwiches at my wedding instead of cake so these are perfect.

French Brass and Marble Table – Brass is my thing these days. Love that this is one of a kind.

Sculptural Brass Vase – More brass.

Tiger Cards – This tiger is sweet and I am constantly writing notes.

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