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People October 8th, 2013


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With a resume that includes Elle Decor, Domino Magazine, Traditional Home and more, it’s no wonder Tori Mellott is regarded as one of the most stylish New Yorkers. On top of her impressive work schedule, Tori is raising adorable identical twin girls. Between work and family she found some time to shop Taigan for her favorite finds. Read about them here!

Statement eye wear is all the rage.  Even if you have perfect vision, you can still change your look with some specs!  I love this particular pair’s warm, caramel tortoise pattern.


I’m all about fearless use of color and I’m all about something loungey too!  Whether you’re on a beach in Mystique or just loitering around the house, this caftan is such a dream.  I’d even wear it to host a party.


I’m truly suspicious of any woman who does not want to slather herself in jewels.  I expect to be buried in a full suite of costume jewels when I kick the bucket. This ring is a far cry from costume jewelry – this gem is a fine little number.  Get a small size and wear it on your pinkie (and if you’re really daring, stick out your hand when people meet you, so they can “kiss the ring.” But don’t expect them to like you after that.)


Go above and beyond for your wedding or for a friend’s wedding.  This sign is the ultimate in chic boasting (add some tin cans for old-fashioned flair). If I were a new bride and my friend surprised me with this sign on the back of my car, she would surely receive a fancy gift from the spoils of the honeymoon!


For almost 8 years, Christopher Spitzmiller has been my favorite lighting designer.  I keep looking out for the next best thing, but I’m pretty sure at this point, it doesn’t exist. His lamps are functional and classic but always have a little hint of glamour. This ceramic lamp is a beautiful example of his masterful blend of old and new.


Extra seating is the bane of my existence.  I always need more seats for the Mommy’s who are coming over for play dates, I need more seating at parties, and my twin girls like to plunk down on anything.  These poufs are stylish, comfy, and easy to work into a scheme.  Sign me up for two.


In addition to always needing extra seating, I also always need baby gifts!  I love this bowl from Herend for so many reasons.  It’s functional (and I love that it’s not melamine!  We need to start them on the “good stuff” young!), it’s pink, it’s beautiful, and it’s an adorable elephant (which is supposed to be good luck).  Now I have my “go-to” baby gift locked in!


These funny and chic cocktail napkins are the perfect hostess gift.  With the holidays just around the corner, it is imperative that you have stock on-hand so you can slap a bow on them as you are rushing out of the house to get to the party!


Silk is glorious and luxurious.  These pillows have style for days.  Add a pop of color to a boring tired sofa in one full swoop.  Hand-woven in Burma, these stunning accent pillows are timeless.


The one time I was lucky enough to visit Florence, not only was I blown away by the city’s old-world beauty, but darn it, all of the people are also just as beautiful.  The woman all have the face of Sophia Loren and the body of Kate Moss and then men are tan, and elegant, and dressed to the nines.  Oh, and they all smell really good too.  So here is my attempt to smell like they look like!


In the fantasy version of my life, I’m very cool and I am a skateboarder (in my real life I’m a total nerd and I’ve never even been on a skateboard).  However, I’m thinking of introducing these impossibly cool things to my daughters and this skateboard with pink wheels is just the ticket.

main_item_honeysuckle-gelato-on-taigan-classic-gelato-sampler-4-pintsLet’s face it, we’ve all had heartbreaks.  Some major.  Some minor.  But any way you slice it, heartbreak is not fun and it’s a time where we need to be comforted. In addition to my family and friends, I find comfort in food.  So when your friend goes through an awful break-up.  Send her some ice cream. Send her THIS ice cream.  I promise it will will stop the tears for the 5 minutes it takes to polish off the container.

main_item_absolution-on-taigan-french-style“We all have a love affair with the French.”  Someone once said (that someone being me). The French seem to do everything just a little bit better.  They dress better, they cook better, they smell better, they look better, they smoke better….ah to be French.

main_item_beige-on-taigan-march-14While these are not the “sensible” shoes that your mother hoped you would buy, they are fierce and sexy and will definitely jazz up any outfit.  P.S. Purple is a neutral in my world, so these shoes are not completely frivolous!


This beautiful mirror is a statement piece. The quiet and curvaceous lines will blend perfectly into any interior and over sized cartouche is sure to make a statement!

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  1. tori is one of my personal fave new yorkers..her self effacing style is massively enviable!

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