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Windsor Smith, founder and creator of Windsor Smith Home, Inc. and Windsor Smith Home Collection is widely known as a force in the design industry. Her elegant interiors are infused with a modern sensibility and are frequently featured in shelter magazines and on design blogs. Windsor was recently honored by Veranda magazine as one of the top 25 design influencers in their 25-year history, which was no surprise to us! Here, Windsor picks some of her favorite design focused finds on

Through Taigan, the World is your oyster!

I adore traveling! Its adventurous, nostalgic, often exotic AND is an excellent source of inspiration for a room. A piece de resistance from a far away place elegantly mixes together with classic antiques and modern furnishings alike to create an air of eclecticism and sophistication. When I decorate with objects gathered in this way, I know I will always be surrounded by texture and substance.


When styling a bookcase these wood African headrests lend a sculptural organic feeling


This horn handled metal tray transforms an upholstered ottoman into a functioning coffee table or serves as a decorative bar or mail tray on any console.


Zebra hides are a staple in my design vernacular. This faux rendition can be used on the floor or to upholster chairs, ottomans or foot stools. My favorite trick is to throw this exotic element into a fru fru room, creating instant Ottoman Empire intrigue. It is such a masculine element  that when layered with “pretty” creates a juxtaposition that is intoxicating, Just the kind of room one could fall in love in…..


This 1940’s blue Opaline and brass lantern is a wild card that brings a Moroccan inspired bell jar shape and dollop of vibrant color to any ordinary foyer or powder room.


Nothing like a raging fire to warm up an outdoor space!! This scorched earth variety really captured my imagination and I cant WAIT to drop this one like its hot onto an unsuspecting client of mine!


These tasty little morsels,  are PERFECT bookcase “candy” to break up the rigor of books. Because of their naive shapes they look good resting on, or leaning up against a row of them. If you are feeling like a Rockefeller buy a dozen or so and place them on a fresh garland made of blackberry vines down the center of your dining table as a Gatsby worthy strawberry patch! They are hand cast in Moscow (of course) and fit for a Russian Oligarch!


This lantern is a new twist on the street lamp, with this glossy aqua paint! I dream of these repeating down a hallway to take the formal edge off. Insaaaaaane!


This tart raspberry on pink geometric linen Rocks this 19th century ottoman’s world!  Throw that in the middle of a room if you want to really wow your visitors!

main_item_imperio-jp-on-taigan-silk-ikat-shawl-wall-hanging-2-ply-navy-ivory-1One can NEVER have enough silk ikat textiles. I opt for the ones  in rich hues. Whether draping over a sofa or upholstering an arm chair with them they give a room a bespoke, handmade feeling.


This Indonesian hand lacquered rattan basket is perfect on top of an antique bookcase or use a pair on pedestals to flank a doorway. If you aren’t a snake charmer and don’t need to keep your slithery friends in them you can use them as storage for magazines, games,  or cuddly throws when you want to stow them away.


A huge fan of horn accessories in any form, this lovely vase looks amazing  filled with garden roses or a bundle of narcissus. A pair mirroring each other on a fireplace mantle is a visual feast for the eye…… as a matter of fact, I’ll take two please!


These gorgeous tortoise highball glasses would look stunning next to silver and crystal decanters in a painted library. In fact I have a tortoise shell hanging over my bar at home and these glasses would be the perfect companion.


You can never have enough baskets…. I would use this large Balinese one to display a bushel of bright green apples or to fill with sea shells or I have even put them out side for a party filled with sand and votives.


An intaglio always reminds me of travel in the Mediterranean. I would wear this oversized bright green and periwinkle necklace lovely, with a crisp white shirt or even lay it on a silver tray as an objet d’art. Divine!


Perfect for serving iced Lemon Verbena tea from my garden or holding peonies in a powder room, This chinoiserie inspired bamboo handle makes this pitcher more relaxed than the oriental table pieces of the past. It slips in effortlessly with modern or more traditional European tableware.


These delicious pillows are what I call “couch candy”! Layered they bring an exuberance and vitality to any family room seating arrangement. They are playfully opulent!


As a self proclaimed Francophile French style has always  been a great influence to me. Many of my favorite finds have come from scouring the Parisian flee markets over the years. Who doesn’t  loooove a good beret? and where would toast be without the French? Hmmmm?, and who put the “French” in fries ? I say, “Go French or go home!”


I am incredibly inspired by my colleagues books, and what better book to demonstrate the power of found objects from around the world than the ultimate mix master himself Michael Smith.  A MUST for any serious decorista’s library!


The perfect anecdote to all of this color and texture is  crisp white to keep it fresh and new. When using color and texture in this way you CANT take it too seriously a great white linen chair pulls it back to the center and I love the very English shape of this lovely pair.

Well there you have it, my Taigan picks. I am so inspired and want to LIVE in the room where all of these gems go-exist.  Whose racing me to check out?

On your marks… get set….. Go decorate!




About Julia Reed

Julia Reed is a columnist at Garden & Gun magazine and a contributing editor at Elle Décor. She also contributes to The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, and The New York Times, and makes frequent appearances on MSNBC. She is the author of five books, including But Mama Always Put Vodka in the Sangria, Adventures in Eating, Drinking and Making Merry and One Man’s Folly, The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood.

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