It’s that time of year when we all start wishing for springtime and warmer weather… only problem is that we still have a while to wait! Thankfully Karen Lehrman Bloch is giving us some ideas for “Winter Pick-Me-Ups” to help cure the cold weather blues.

I hate winter. I hate the cold, the darkness, the drear. New York City, where I live, is chronically light deprived, but in the winter everybody seems to be suffering from severe Vitamin D deficiency. In recent years, I’ve come to indulge heavily in the concept of winter pick-me-ups: things that exude warmth and sunshine or just make me smile. I’ve come to the important realization that you can wear things in winter—and pepper your home with objects—that aren’t dull, drab, and “wintry.” Here’s my dream list of Taigan pick-me-ups:

Clothing and Accessories

The Margaret Top–   The first leap I had to make: you can buy resort things even if you’re not going away! The Margaret Top in white would make me happy even if it just hung in my closet over the winter months.

Feather Deep V Neck Tunic–   While this Feather Deep V-Neck Tunic begs to be taken to the beach, I could easily see wearing this around our apartment until June.

Anemoi White Ostrich Clutch– So subtle, so sweet—I would want to use this Anemoi Ostrich Clutch every day but would probably put it on a highly visible (yet somewhat inaccessible) shelf and look at it any time I was feeling blue.

Riviera Bag–  Radiant chic and sexy, the BIG Bag in Riviera Red would make me smile every time I looked at it—and would also conveniently hold all of my toddler son’s stuff (no mean feat).

Gardy Travel Bag–  Dress for the woman you want to be—the Gardy Black Buffalo Travel Bag would take me everywhere, even just in my head.

Martinique Dress– I love the lines on the Martinique Dress and the muted colors; add on a little gold, strappy sandals, and a (light) tan and you are good to go, day or evening.

Periwinkle iPad Case–  The essence of sensual luxury, I don’t even own an iPad but I want this case in periwinkle ostrich.

Silk Pintuck Shawl– Elegant, elegant, elegant; did I mention that this black Silk Pintuck Pleated Shawl is elegant? And we’re all at our best when we’re feeling elegant: elegance breeds elegance.


Organic Coral Bracelet–  This Organic Coral Sliced Diamond Cuff Bracelet exudes warmth and sensuality—it would make me smile every time I wore it, and I’m pretty sure I would wear it all the time.


Loop Earrings–  Love these Large Loop Earrings with Diamond Drops! Unique, feminine, and airy—I would wear these with both chunky sweaters and off-the-shoulder tops.

Naughty Diamond and Quartz Earrings– Ok, these Naughty Lemon Quartz and Diamond earrings would be more than a winter pick-me-up—they could easily take me to the end of spring.



Floral News 1 Print– This Floral News Print falls under the realm of what I call “deep beauty”: so profoundly beautiful it can warm your soul and inspire your spirit.


Augarten Ena Teapot– This Augarten Ena Teapot is self-sufficiently chic and eternally modern—a true delight to behold, let alone own.

Covered Apothecary Jar– Again, an object of deep beauty—this Apothecary Jar is exquisitely proportioned with a touch of old-world romance.

Decicio Glass Platter– This Decicio Glass Semplice Platter is a great punch of color to lift the spirits, especially when winter feels endless.


Monogrammed Dinner Napkins– I’m not much for monograms, but I would easily pair these Hemstitch Dinner Napkins with simple, rich tableware and feel elegantly blessed.


Aerin Candle– I would light an Aerin Candle in Sky Flower in each of my bathrooms —and find a way to display the box.

Sea Salt Scrub– What’s the ultimate winter pick-me-up? Feeling pampered… I would start with a good night’s sleep and this Rose Geranium Sea Salt Body Scrub.


Karen Lehrman Bloch is the author of The Inspired Home: Interiors of Deep Beauty (Harper Design, 2013). Founder of Studio Deep Beauty, an online gallery of art and design, Karen is also the author of La Formentera: The Woodland Refuge of Juan Montoya (Introduction, The Monacelli Press, 2012) and The Lipstick Proviso: Women, Sex & Power in the Real World (Doubleday, 1997), and is a style reviewer for Mytrnd. She is currently working on books about gardens, architecture, and style.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Love your suggestions, particularly the Martinique dress and all the earrings!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    Love the Martinique dress and earrings.

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning my napkins, Karen! I am delighted and grateful!

    Susie Mackenzie
    Grace Hayes Linens

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