Brackish Bow Ties. It all started with a simple problem: Finding the perfect groomsmen gifts.

In 2007, before Ben Ross’ wedding, he was looking for a unique and personal gift for each of his groomsmen. Growing up in and around the outdoors of South Carolina, Ben decided to handcraft the first turkey feather bow ties for his wedding. They were instantly a hit. The ties combined authentic style and nature while being unique, personal and one-of-a-kind.

Fast forward to 2012, when Ben and one of those groomsmen, Jeff Plotner, were given the rare opportunity to pursue a passion. Taking a remarkable idea and making it accessible to many others, Ben and Jeff founded Brackish.

Simply put, they are redefining the traditional bow tie. The Brackish bow tie itself has now built a new tradition. Their customers make a statement and are recognized for it. Whether it be at a wedding, awards ceremony or a multitude of other social functions, the Brackish tie will be remembered as an important ingredient in a memorable experience.

Every tie is handcrafted locally in South Carolina. And because every single feather is hand selected, no 2 Brackish bow ties are exactly alike. Every tie is a sustainable work of art. They have put painstaking effort into their products and pride themselves on genuine, intricate detail not found in mass production.

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Plum Thicket Pins. The thicket pins are made from wild plum thicket branches in the midlands of South Carolina. These limbs must then be cured before they are trimmed and paired with hand selected feathers. This process truly embodies one of their core values: Respectfully Repurposing the Beauty of Nature. Their Plum Thicket Pins have been designed to complement any of the signature bow ties or to stand alone as a unique statement. It can be worn as a lapel pin, brooch or hat accent.

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