Nature’s Finest

Shops July 8th, 2014


In a world where everything is manufactured it’s easy to overlook the natural beauty that’s right in front of us. Here are a few of nature’s finest creations that are completely awe inspiring.

In Animal Architecture, Ingo Arndt explores marvels of nature with spectacular imagery, showcasing the complex and elegant structures that animals create both for shelter and for capturing prey. Studio photographs supplement the images from Arndt’s journey and offer close-up views of the nests, mounds and webs constructed by the animals. Clearly mankind isn’t the only species that frets over the perfect home.

Maison & Co.’s Kourtney Lamp is made up of authentic mussel shells hand assembled and mounted on a wood base. This is a lovely reminder of natural beauty for your every day life. 

The Chuka Bow Tie pays homage to the upland lifestyle with a bold yet versatile design.  A gorgeous example of mother nature hard at work, any owner of this tie will be paying a great tribute to a beautiful bird.

This ancient Ammonite Fossil Bracelet is accented with sparkling diamonds and complimented by Tibetan agate beads. Ammonites lived in the seas approximately 65 million years ago, when they became extinct along with dinosaurs. You may not be the oldest person in the room, but you will definitely be wearing the oldest artifact!  

Agate Coasters are the ideal accessory for any living room. These little slices of stone are all unique and interesting and look great in a grouping. 

These naturally formed Chinese Wood Sculptures are about as organic as your artwork can get. Display them on their own or in a group for greater impact.



Fifty Nests and the Birds That Built Them is a book composed of photographs of nests, both messy and meticulous. It is a showstopper on a coffee table and makes the perfect gift for any bird lover.


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