We’re thrilled to introduce GENA KNOX’S FIRE & FLAVOR!


Fire & Flavor, based in Athens, GA, is a family of brands committed to healthy and flavorful products for everyday cooking & grilling. Founded by husband-and-wife team Davis and Gena Knox, Fire & Flavor helps make gourmet cooking simple.


Why we chose Gena Knox’s Fire & Flavor:

Like many American start-ups, this business started in a garage after Gena and Davis read an interesting article on plank grilling. It was the summer of 2003, and salmon was in season. Amazed that grilling planks were not yet offered in every grocery store, Gena and Davis decided to change that, and after tasting their creation, they were hooked! Their shop also offers Gena’s amazing cookbooks, gift packages and more.


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Happy shopping!

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