The Return to Downton

Shops January 14th, 2014


Downton Abbey’s newest season has recently kicked off, which of course means it was time for a roundup of some of the looks and trends!

Season 4 kicked off with a lot of black over the mourning of Matthew. Thankfully Lady Mary seems to have turned a corner, but we think this Katie Fong dress is about as elegant as black gets. It also comes in a beautiful cream if you’re not interested in mourning well into the spring!

No Downton event is complete without the best silver, china and of course flowers. If you don’t have the luxury of keeping grand bouquets of fresh flowers in your home year-round then we recommend the Upton Manor Silk Bouquet. This Diane James masterpiece was even modeled out of something that would have been common in an English manner during that time period.

The famous opera singer Dame Nelli Melba comes to Downton for a performance in episode 2. Dame Nelli proves to have excellent taste (in wine anyway) and we couldn’t help but love her dramatic ensemble. This Lizzy Couture necklace would have the same dramatic effect and is finished off with a lucky English  sixpence.

No Downton roundup would be complete without checking into the kitchen where a lot of the romantic intrigue seems to be happening this season. We adore Coppermill Kitchen’s highly collectible copperware including this saucepan which would have been used under Mrs. Patmore’s watchful eye.


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  1. Judy Nebhut says:

    Do you realize that the “opera singer” in Downton Abbey on Sunday, the 12th was none other than Dame Kiri Te Kanawa?

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