Labor of Love

The Elusive Find August 19th, 2013


labor of love- chucklet

Chucklet & Honey, based in Flowood, Mississippi, was founded in 2010 by Chuck Hargett. Chuck grew up in the Deep South on the banks of the Mississippi River, in the town of Vicksburg, Mississippi. As a youngster he was called everything in the book, and the nickname Chucklet soon became a favorite.

Jumping creeks, catching crawdads, peeling back wild sugarcane, tasting the sweet nectar of honeysuckle growing free in the woods … some of Chuck’s favorite memories of growing up in the South are food-related. And most revolve around spending time with his mom, Janice Hargett, affectionately known as Honey. Like a true Southern gal, Honey was a whiz with sweets; chewy cookies, magnificent cakes, impressive pies, and all manner of luscious desserts sprang from her tiny Mississippi kitchen. Chucklet found himself learning how to make the best-ever chocolate chip cookies, angel food cakes, and all sorts of icings … everything from scratch, using the freshest ingredients he could find.

In 2010, Chuck began preparing for the leap into his own bakery business. Cookie recipes were tried and retried. Friends and family tasted and retasted. The art of baking the perfect cookie, as dense in texture as it is rich in flavor, was, in fact, perfected. And Chuck gathered all of his travel experiences and all of his culinary expertise and returned to the scene of his youth. You can take the boy out of the South but you just can’t take the South out of the boy—and now it’s come full circle. Honey, of course, watches over everything.

The result is a company that is not only founded on the Southern traditions of fresh ingredients and sweet treats, but also the Southern ideals of kindness and hospitality. Chucklet & Honey offers rich, deliciously dense cookies with a Southern flair, all wrapped up in a package designed by a seasoned pro.

Here at Taigan we love all of Chuck’s cookies, so the Chucklet Sampler is a perfect solution!


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