Holiday traveling can be a major drag. Especially when you have to go by plane. But just a few simple tricks will help you navigate flights in style, and, more importantly, with minimal stress.

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When you show up home after a long flight, the last thing you want is to be rumpled and stressed. So try these tips.

Stay Hydrated |It’s completely obvious, but somehow we always forget. Forgo those tiny plastic cups and bring your own water bottle. Not only will hydration limit the effects of jetlag, but your skin will thank you.


Don’t Forget A Scarf | You never know whether your flight is going to be boiling hot or freezing cold. Enter the scarf. Easy to take on and off, it doubles as a blanket when they’re out of those airplane brand ones they never have enough of.


Try a Duffle | We’re the first one to admit the benefits of roll-y suitcases. If you’re trying not to check bags, it’s better to forgo the roll-y. Duffels are easier to fit in limited headspace.  We’ve got our eyes on this leather shorthorn bag.


Bring Sunglasses | Whenever you see celebs leaving the airport, they’re always sporting  pair of shades. There’s more than one reason. Keep your skin clear and blemish free by avoiding wearing make up during flights. A pair of matte pink sunglasses will allow you tof


Get Sleep | The best way to get through a long flight is to flip through some trashy magazines and catch up on some zzz’s. With the iridescent python detailing, the Morpheus Sleep Mask is not just practical.


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