We're thrilled to introduce POLLEN ARTS on Taigan!

Our new friends at Pollen Arts hand pour sweet-smelling beeswax candles in the shapes of antique bottles and jars that husband-and-wife founders Peter and Juwels gather from collectors, antique shows, and everywhere in between.

Did you know beeswax burns longer and brighter than any other wax, and decreases allergens and dust particles in the air by producing negative ions while burning? Their candles are 100% organic & smokeless, scented by raw honey and flower nectar – as pure as can bee. These candles are a perfect combination of historic charm and organic craftsmanship that will light up any room.

 Why we chose Pollen Arts:

When Peter and Juwels married five years ago, to free up more time for creative projects, they traded their high-end apartment for a 1975 Winnebago, fully renovated it with solar power and style, and soon after came across what would become their newest passion. The idea for Pollen Arts came to life when Juwels found a tiny antique bottle hidden within a tide pool, a discovery that sparked the flame for their original candle-making concept. Each candle is created with a different glass bottle, adding a unique touch to each and every design. We admire how truly passionate Peter and Juwels are about sustainability and the well-being of their honey-making friends.

Welcome Pollen Arts!

Enjoy 10% off your order – enter promo code BUZZ at payment-valid through September 17th, 2012.

Happy shopping!

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